Lillian isn't your average 17 year old she doesn't want to be notice. But it all changes after her older brother has a party...


2. The Party

Of course my brother was having a party but my grandma didn't know and I didn't want to be a part if it anyways. I was upstairs reading listening to the blaring music and yelling and other things. I hear a band was hear called 5 Seconds of Summer they were on YouTube . I had listened to some of their music, they we pretty good.

At 3:30 I was starting to fall asleep when I suddenly my door swing open to a tall slender figure. Not thinking I yell "Jesus what the hell are you doing!?" I could now tell he was drunk and slurred " What are you doing sitting upstairs?"

"This is my house retard, so what do you want!" I yell not as loud as before. He had these blue eyes that anyone could escape to but realizing I was mad I looked away.

Then he has the guts to sit on my bed and ask nicely "Can I sleep in here?"

I just respond in a stern voice and signing "I guess.... BUT no funny stuff."

"Why do you think I would do that?" At this point he was so close I could smell his breath, it had a terrible smell of alcohol it brought back bad memories.

"You are so drunk I can smell it on your clothes." I state as I hear him sigh and lay down. So I decide to lay down and in the darkness he says " I'm Luke, Luke Hemmings."

"Hemmings huh? We'll I am Lillian Marie but you can call me Lillie. If you ever see me again." I say under my breath. On that note we go to sleep.

Luke's POV

She was right I was way to stuck I should have stopped but I wanted to loosen up and try to get some attention. I'm the guy who lays low in the band but girls always come to me and honestly I don't want love I have school and the band and it's hard. While I was thinking I heard the girl next to me saying "Zorb don't do it stop get away from her! You guys are stuck go to bed! Zorb no Zorb no no NO!" Then she sits up breathing heavily all I can do is comfort her but of course I ask the stupid question "Who's Zorb?"

Lillian's POV

"Who's Zorb?" All I could think of was the memories and the screams and everything I was so mad I just say sternly "No one." I turn so hard the covers almost hit the wall. After cooling off for awhile I realized I was really rude and I felt bad. This is why I stay away I don't want to hurt anyone so no one feels the way I did. Now that there was a slight amount of sun and turn over seeing him awake looking at the ceiling. "I am sorry for the way I acted that's just a sensitive topic for me."

"It's ok." I feel so guilty about what I said I just keep regretting. No one will ever forgive me.

Luke's POV

I knew that was a stupid question to ask once it came out of my mouth but now I wasn't feeling bad I was stunned. She was so pretty her green-gray eyes hit the sun so well and her blonde hair looked almost fluffy in its bun I was just absolutely stunned. Looking over I notice she is asleep so I decide I should head off but then I find myself asleep next to her.

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