Lillian isn't your average 17 year old she doesn't want to be notice. But it all changes after her older brother has a party...


7. School

Lillian's POV

After Luke and I had kissed nothing has really changed but I now he likes me now it was such a relief we known each other for so little but like each other, I think and hope. Though I have tended to ignore him as he does the same because I think it's both pretty weird.

So today was the day I dreaded the most..... Monday a whole new week of ignorant kids pushing around kids who don't meet there needs. As I was walking I heard "Hey Lils, wait up!" It was Luke I completely forgot he went to school maybe because I never noticed him. Once he caught up he asked me where my first class was, we had the same but it's weird he was actually talking to me again. So once we got I class I say in my average spit in the back and Luke joined.the kids in the front wanted to make me gag sucking on each other's faces like they had nothing else to do. The day went on as it usually me sitting alone quiet, the way I like it. I think it's better to lay off the radar not to be noticed. As I was walking to lunch this girl randomly punched me in the face, I fell and looked up and a girl who seemed older and then she handed me a note and ran off. I was just in so much shock I stumbled up and looked at the note it said "I am watching Lillie, stay away from those boys if u want them and your mom to be safe. :) Love, you know who." My heart sank into my gut I didn't care about my mom but the boys I couldn't let them get hurt. That dick what did he want, I could never be happy. I didn't realize it but at this point I was running home to get my stuff I had to get far away from the boys as possible, but I didn't want to. I knew what I had to do, I had to kill Zorb.

Luke's POV

I didn't see Lillie for the rest if the day but I thought she was just being her quiet, cute self. Then I got a text from Ash "Hey man you have got it get home Lillie left, I wasn't home and there's a note." I asked to be excused at that moment I was surprised I didn't just leave. Why would she leave? Did she not like us anymore? When I got home I saw Ash with a worried look as he gave me the note. "Hey guys I can't saying but I can't stay with u anymore someone would hurt you and I don't want that to happen. I also would like I tell u to not look for me I am fine somewhere I can't tell u. I have to get some stuff settled with some people. I love all of u just don't worry. Love Lillie" It had to do with that bastard Zorb guy I am sure. "I know where she is going." I say without realizing it I grab the phone book and look for there number. I found it under Harry Gray I knew it would be this because Lillie told me a joke about how his name was Harry but he was bald. Now I was calling and I heard a female voice saying "Hello, who is this?" "Is this Alesha?" I asked before she can ask anymore questions "Y..yes what do u want?" She asked very worry some. "I am your daughter boy.... I mean no I mean boyfriend." I can't believe I just said that. "Ok what do u need." "We'll Lillie has been staying with me and has told me everything she suddenly left today saying she had unfinished business. I believe it has something to do with your boyfriend." I finish with a sigh. Then suddenly I heard a yell and someone breathing hard. "Hello Luke I have been expecting your call." I knew Zorb had taken the phone so I began to yell "You listen buddy if u hurt her I will find you and kill you!" He just chuckles and says "No you won't you are to scared, you don't know me I am a very strong guy. Why do u think Alesha is still here she's to scared and Lillie is next. She will try to hurt me and I will take her a keep her like her mother. A mother daughter reunion how sweet." With that he hung up and I could hear the other boys listening in the other line. I has to find her bigoted it's to late what would he do to her? She can't go she can't.

At this point the boys and I were looking everywhere for Zorbs house or Lillie. All these thought started running through my head what if it's a trap?why if he wants us to come to his house? Just then I heard a buzz I was my phone, it was Lillie! "Luke he following me." She says without giving me a chance to say a thing. "Where are you!?"

"I am in the neighborhood on Sunbury road. Please hurry!" I began to run telling the boys to follow at this point it was in the late evening so people were still our which was good. I needed to save her it seemed somehow very very important like I was meant to do this.

Lillie's POV

He was following me ! Why did I do this I cause everyone harm I might as we'll pull over but just then I saw the boys and the cops! How did they get here so fast this can't be real. Do I pulled over and so did Zorb his face wax curios as he ran over to me! I was going to run but he went past me or so I thought. He was going for Like and look was ready. I just look as they begin to fight but Zorb had Z knife but Luke manage to hold him. Yelling "WHOS SCARED KNOW HUH YOU DICK! SCUMBALLS LIKE YOU SHOULDNT LIVE! I SHOULD KILL YOU BUT I JUST LET YOU ROT IN JAIL!" As this point Luke looked just like Zorb it was pretty scary but he was doing all of this for me just me. I didn't think about it much because I was so mad I ran over to Zorb and said "he might not hurt you but I will. I began to kick him I. The head yelling "THIS IS FOR HURTING MY MOM AND ME! HOW DOES IT FEEL HUH! NOT GOOD. I HOPE YOU GET THE CHAIR DICK!" I say as I kick and punch him. Then the police grab Zorb and Luke drags me away. When Luke puts me on his should I give Zorb the finger. He gave me that look that haunted me for years but now, now I was safe so I just said "actually I hope you get injection and also see you in hell!" I just smile and Luke laughs at that moment everything was good but I knew something wasn't right. As Zorb was put in the cop car Luke put me down and I gave him such a huge hug and then the rest if the boys. When I finished Luke bent down and tapped his cheek so I rolled my eyes and gave him a peck on the cheek. After a report to the police we began to walk somewhere I didn't remember because I remember, my mom. I stopped in my tracks and I ran to Zorbs car and opened the back door. There she was brutally stabbed but was still alive so I began to yell "MY MOM SHE IS DYING I NEED HELP HELP HELP!" The boys managed to beat the police so they grabbed her while I stood there in shock. My mom could die. I had a meltdown I began to cry and cry blaming myself for not getting there in time. Then I started to hit myself to ease the pain and has I raised my hand to get another blast Ashton grabbed my hand and looked me dead in the eyes saying "Stop! Do u want Zorb to win? Then don't so this." With that u hugged him so tight and began to walk to the ambulance, Ashton was right I could let him win now or ever.

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