Lillian isn't your average 17 year old she doesn't want to be notice. But it all changes after her older brother has a party...


6. Memories

Lillian's POV

Ever since I had talked about my feelings things have seemed to go a lot smoother. I mean I feel like I can talk now I don't have I worry about people asking me about my wrists. The boys have been real nice but I feel like I am over doing my stay so I have been looking for a place. Today is Sunday that means I had to go to school tomorrow which is going to suck. The boys want me to go to to TE store for them even though I hate it just as much as them. I did it to kinda pay off part of my stay. As I was walking into the frozen area to finish my shopping with like ten pizza. I began to walk in when I heard a familiar voice so I decided to hide then I saw them Zorb and my mom holding hands. My mom had a black eye but still kissed him like she meant it. I began to feel tears but I kept them in, what did I do to cause my mother to hate me and love that dick? As they walked away laughing I felt like I was going to throw up so I ran grab what I needed made sure the coast was clear and ran to the check out. I decided in doing the self check out so I didn't have to talk to anyone. Then I got I the car and put the stuff in and started as fast as I could. I was just thinking in silence when I just bursts into tears yelling why and beating the wheel I was just so mad and sad I didn't know what to do. Then I was about to pull into the drive so I started to stop crying them I sat in the car wiping off the sadness. Then I the boys came out unexpected and I was still puffy eyed and they just stopped. I knew what they were going to say but I didn't want to answer anything so I just to my room. I felt terrible for leaving and not helping bring on the bags, I should just leave and let them be. I just cried into my pillow for about 15 minutes then someone knocked." Hold on." I say as I wipe away everything still puffy eyes I open the door, it was Luke. I just have him a fake smile then he held his arms out for a hug. I hugged him so tight it just felt so good. Then he lead me down stairs for some food. As we walked down stairs I saw the boys playing the xbox and eating pizza. "I am really sorry I didn't help bring in the groceries, I just" I stopped I didn't want them to feel bad for me. "You just what?" Calum responded. "Oh it's..."

"I NEED TO KNOW!" Aston yells so I sigh and just tell them "I saw my mom and we'll she had a black eye and secession with Zorb." I won't cry this time I won't. "They didn't see me though which is good maybe she thought I moved or something." I say as I take a bite of my pizza they all stayed silent as looked at me. So I say " but I am five guys don't worry." Then they continue with there game.

After they finished there game they decided to walk around town. I was slightly scared at the fact my mom could be there with Zorb but I went. As we walked I looked everywhere not enjoying my time to much but we did. Then we went into a music store it was amazing all the CDs they had I was in love. I went straight to the old rock section, I found some ACDC which was cool. Then I went to the alternative and found some panic! and 3 days grace and then I ended up getting to nirvana. As I was looking at nirvana Luke came over saying "This is the best band ever." I laughed and say "We'll I prefer old rock but there pretty good." He acted depressed so I fake smack him ad move on. "Wait Lils do u want to go get some ice cream with me."

"I mean that sounds cool let me get the boys and....." He interrupts saying "no I mean I mean just us." He give me a smile and bows and hold our his hand "me lady." I laugh as take his hand he was so nice and pretty hot but he way out of my league.

Luke's POV

As I drove to the ice cream store there was a lot of silence but it seemed peaceful not awkward. Then we arrived and I ran over to her door to open it. "My lady." I say as bow. "Why thank you kind sir." She responds laughing, then once we got in I order of course cookies and cream. Then I didn't hear her order but I heard the lady say "cookies as cream!" So I walk over and so does she I look and laugh. Then while she is distracted I take the ice cream and start eating it. "Luke that was mine! She yells, she insisted on buying her own. "Finders keepers." I say as I smirk with a mouth full of ice cream. She just waits for hers and sits down and we talk for a while I wasn't really listening she was just perfect. Then she dropped her napkins so I helped then we look up at each other and I couldn't take it I went In for the kiss. She didn't push away our lips went perfectly together like two puzzle pieces, it didn't like very long but felt like forever, it was perfect.

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