Lillian isn't your average 17 year old she doesn't want to be notice. But it all changes after her older brother has a party...


11. Love

Lillie's POV

"Could u guys like cut the connection between your lips. God how do u breathe?" Michael said. Luke and I have been around each other nonstop for 2 months now.

"Yea u guys needed to take it in a room like u do all other nights." Calum said

"We'll you guys are just jealous you don't have a awesome girlfriend like me!" Luke said making me smile even larger. The boys have gotten pretty famous so they're going on tour for a couple weeks. Also I haven't been cutting which is really amazing for me and Luke is proud, instead I just pinch my wrists to get some of the tension out. Ashton and Kenzie hooked up one night at a party and ended up dating ( the only reason I know they hooked up is because I don't drink and I walked in on them ugh). It makes me really happy but they are worse than me and Luke I mean we can hear them every night, the nasties.

"What do u guys want to eat?" I asked knowing the answer.

"PIZZA!" They all yell in unison how did I not guess. I call the pizza place and order 3 pizzas

"Only three!" Michael yells

"Yes Michael and your not eating them all!" I yell back while he goes and pouts in Kenzie shoulder.

"You're not my best friend anymore, Kenzie is." We all just laugh at Michael with his baby voice.

After we eat pizza I head into my room which Luke follows as he instantly wraps his arms around me falling asleep

I woke up in the morning feeling Luke's strong arms around me. I just nuzzle in his neck and fall asleep. Only to be woken up by a loud noise.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME U DICK AND U DONT TOUCH LILLIE!" I hear Mackenzie yell which makes me run down the steps not knowing what to see. Once I get down there I see Mackenzie in a corner with her ex and my old bully, Jake. I grab peppers spray and spray both of them in the face.

"DO NOT TOUCH MY FRIEND!" I yell as I kick them as they lie in the floor. Then Jake gets up and tackles me saying "what is the little fatty 2 by 4 going to do about it." He says before punching me in the face then the other guys joins in on kicking. Just when I was about I black out I saw Luke tackle Jake and Ashton tackle the other guy.

Luke's POV

"DONT TOUCH MY GIRLFRIEND YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" I yell while I attack this guy.

"We'll you're stupid enough to date the fatso." They just made me more mad before I realize it I am being pulled off his unconscious body by Ashton and Calum.

"Dude calm down he's out." Calum says

"No I won't let anyone talk about Lillie like that!" I yell trying to get out of their grip until I remember Lillie. I run over to her, she has a bloody nose, black eye and bruises everywhere.

"Lillie! Wake up Lillie!" I yell shaking her she needs to say awake in case she has a concussion.

"He..he tried to rape me." Mackenzie said sobbing "and he said he was going to do it to Lillie to but then kill her!" Mackenzie was now just crying uncontrollably while Ashton tried to calm her. Michael went and called the ambulance and police.

"I'm going to fucking kill them" I whisper to myself picking up Lillie and putting her in the ambulance. Then Mackenzie gets in needed to go also. The boys and I drive behind them. I know they were going to be ok but what if. What if I wasn't there and they did get to kill her and rape Mackenzie, I mean what would I do.

"Dude you seem worried I promise she'll be fine." Michael said trying to calm me.

"I know Michael! Bug I can't live without her I just can't ok?!" With that they kept quite but I just couldn't live without her I couldn't. With that we drive to the hospital.

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