Lillian isn't your average 17 year old she doesn't want to be notice. But it all changes after her older brother has a party...


1. Lillian

My name is Lillian and I am not your average teenager. I don't like party's I don't worry about boys and I don't want to be noticed. All my life I have been ignored by my parents and everyone else so you get used to it. My life wasn't your normal life my mom would love her abusive boyfriend more than me. She exposed me to there arguing punching and choking and in the front of my friends and they left me.I was 5 when it started. My dad was hardly around in my young life because he was in jail for stealing or doing drugs. You know people who never me their dads say its terrible but knowing your loving dad and then them leaving is worse. I was hoping for a life change and that party was when that all happened. Also I love with grandma after a big court thing with my mom when I was 11.

Sorry about the short chapter this is my first story so again sorry

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