Lillian isn't your average 17 year old she doesn't want to be notice. But it all changes after her older brother has a party...


9. Life Check

Lillian's POV

For once in my life I felt safe yet unhappy, my mom was basically dead. Of so I thought today I have gotten amazing news, my mom awake, she still couldn't breathe we'll but she was awake. I went straight to the hospital with Mackenzie. "I am so happy she is ok!" Mackenzie sings "Yea." That was all I could say I just wanted to see my mom. Once we got there the boys were there? Mackenzie must have invited them, I asked the lady for my mom and before she could say anything else I ran to her room. She was sitting up and I just hugged her. "Mom I am so happy u r safe!" She just stood there in silence then she let out words I will never forget "Where's Zorb?"

"It's ok mom he's in prison forever." She her facial expression dropped "Forever." She began to tear up, I began to feel my face burn. "Why Lillie why would u do this to me?" She asked me crying I couldn't help but yell "Why did I do this to u!? U have put me through Hell and back with that dick Zorb and you are crying out him!? I sat here day after day I didn't eat or sleep waiting for u to wake up! And he stabbed u! He did this to u! I have almost killed myself for u mom! I thought u loved me I guess fucking not! SO GO TO HELL!"I threw my hands up and left, she didn't even try and stop me. Everyone was still in the waiting room "Lils?" Mackenzie asked, I just pushed them all out of the way they could see the anger in my face. I just walked out of the hospital them walking after me "Why r u leaving." Mackenzie says I shoot back a response "She doesn't care about me! She just wants the dick! I hope they have fun in hell together!" I through down everything, not caring what I left behind, I don't need my memories anyway.

Luke's POV

Lillie seemed really fired up so I decided to go in to her moms room to see her crying "Zorb I am sorry." She was on the phone she must have been talking to Zorb. That piece of crap Lillie was so happy to see her mom but she was right she was just as bad as that dick. "Luke!" Mackenzie yells running towards me. "Luke, Lillie left she seemed really flustered and she dropped this." She shows me a note, I read it it was a sweet heart filled note to her mother, she was apologizing to her mom, when it should have been her mom apologizing her Lillie. Mackenzie was going to look at our house, me and the boys were gonna walk around town.

Lillie's POV

I was so mad, I don't feel bad. She was terrible human I never want to see her again! I walked home and sat outside because I didn't have a key. "Lillie! There r u!" I hear Kenzie yell running my way I was still red in the face with anger. "What? R u going to ask me about running off and how terrible it was. We'll I don't care she is a terrible person and I never want to see her again!" At this point I was tearing up. "Lillie I read your note I know how much it hurts u, it hurts me just as much. I just want to be here for u. I am so sorry Lillie." While she was talking I had found my key under the rug and a this point I just wanted to go in and be alone. "Kenzie I just want to be alone awhile, I am going inside u can come in to. I I just need to heat off." I say walking on leaving the door open, I hear her come in and turn in the tv. I decide to take a shower, showers help me through life. After I finished taking a long long shower. I go to change and I hear conversation. "I will not let u go up there I know Lillie, she needs time especially now!" Mackenzie said yelling slightly. "We'll I think she needs someone, maybe she wants u to think she needs space but se just needs to talk!" I heard I think Luke followed by foot steps. I hurry into my room and lock the door. "Lillie." Luke said on a sweet kind voice unlike he used moments ago. "Hold on I need to change." I respond trying to slip on my sweats. I open the door to see Luke smiling as he walks in. I sit down as he sits close to me. "So Lillie, I know what happened." He says seeming to want to cut to the chase. "Well Luke that's about it, she doesn't care about me. So that's it what's done is done." I feel a burning feeling in my eyes. "Lillie.." He now lifts my face to look him dead in the eyes "you are an amazing girl and anyone should be happy to be around u, let alone talk to u. You are perfect from head to toe. The way your hair falls, you are beautiful Lillie. Your mom is blind not to see how grateful she is to have u. I hope u know that." I was tearing up and he wiped them away. Then, again he pulled me in and we kissed, there was a spark no a freakin bomb. Our lips moved together in prefect harmony. I just smiled and smiled. As he looks at me and smiles also. I go in for a hug of a lifetime. "Thank you so much Luke."

"I would of anything for u."

Luke's POV

"I would of anything for u." I say smiling she was everything I said. I just can't believe I had to guts to say all of this. I decide to walk down with Lillie right at my side. Once we got down I decided to apologize to Mackenzie for doing what I did. "Mackenzie I am sorry for acting like a total douche." I tell her I did feel terrible. "It's ok." Then we give each other a hug and she whispers "I know u guys kissed and if u hurt her I will make your life a living hell." I laughed at her friendship "I wasn't planning on it." From that moment on I wanted to be there for Lillie I felt I needed to protect her. I think I really loved Lillie, and eventually I am going to need to.

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