Lillian isn't your average 17 year old she doesn't want to be notice. But it all changes after her older brother has a party...


10. Happiness

Lillies POV

It's been about a month since the whole mom thing. Things were going pretty good I wasn't cutting and Luke isn't dating me but we talk a lot more. Overall this is one of the best moments in my life.

"Lillie!" Mackenzie said flailing her arms in the front of me. We were out at the mall, she was trying on bras and stuff.

"How does this look?" I nod my head in response, I just wasn't in the mood that day. She really looked nice i just don't know.

"Who do u want to impress?"

"What?" She asked with a weird look on her face.

"We'll it's really nice but you must...." I stopped in my tracks and gave her that I know who look like from spongebob (that was our favorite show).

"Ashton." Was all I said before getting up a walking about but before I left I gave her the look again and before she could say anything left.

"Lillie wait!" I kept walking smirking the whiles walked away. My plan was to get Mackenzie and Ashton in a room turn down the lights and at that music they play in the movies for romance as a joke, but I needed Ashton. So I decide to text Luke and tell him the plan. We told Ashton it was a dinner and Mackenzie will keep trying to chase me.

Once we got to the house I looked in the empty guest room to see if it was set it was Luke even added rose petals HA! Once I got to the door I stopped. "Lillie just.." She pushed me into the room. Then I look over to see Luke standing there with a little table with a candle. "What the hell I thought.." He silenced me by kissing me.

"It was a plan in a plan. After you text me I texted Mackenzie and she thought it was a good idea."

"You assholes!" I laugh he had thought this up for me how sweet. Has I sit down Calum walks in with a suit and flatten hair like a waiter saying "may I take your order."

"God Calum how much did they pay u to do this." I laugh

"Not enough." Calum said looking like a child who didn't get a toy. Luke and I laugh, he was just so sweet to do this, I mean wow I guess this is a date?

"The special and only thing on our menu is pizza, cheese or pepperoni." Calum said still whining. I just laugh.

"What do u want Lillie?" Luke says sending me a grin that could honestly kill me.

"Pepperoni sounds great!" I wasn't good with decisions so I just went for my favorite.

"Good that's my favorite topping." Luke sighs I swear these guys are serious about there pizza!

So after we eat our pizza, which I say was pretty amazing we'll anything was amazing I was on a date with Luke. Luke I was saying we just talked until Luke stutters


"Yea?" He said it so fast I hardly heard him.

"Will u be my girlfriend?" This time he talks slow.

"Of course!" I almost squeal with excitement. Luke just asked me to be his girlfriend! He just smiled. Then I did the unexpected I actually made the move and kissed him. The bomb was larger than any other time I feel him smile through the kiss, I did to.

"Could u guys stop sucking each others faces, we have to practice." Michael said making Luke and I laugh awkwardly. The boys were getting famous they had to practice a lot. Luke gets up pecking my lips before heading out with the guys. As they left I heard them making kissy noises. I didn't care I just had a smile stamped on my face.

Then I walk out to see Mackenzie we just hug and whisper squeal, I didn't want him to think i was crazy. The. We go to the studio ( basement ) and watch the boys practice. Mackenzie was smiling about something I didn't know but kept and eye on Ashton and I was still had the smile plastered on my face watching Luke sing while he looked and me and smiled. Today was one of the best days of my life everyone was happy, I was happy.

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