Lillian isn't your average 17 year old she doesn't want to be notice. But it all changes after her older brother has a party...


8. Aftermath

Luke's POV

For days now Lillie has been at the hospital with her mom. She will not eat or sleep and I feel terrible. Her once vibrant green eyes were now a dull gray and her beautiful long blonde hair was dull and lifeless, she was always really really short but now she seemed to shrink into a little ball. The doctors said her mom might not make it and it may take a long time before she comes out of her coma. There was at least one good thing about this Zorb was sentenced to life in prison. If I could do anything to help Lillie I would. "Lils you have I eat, I know it's hard but u have to sleep and eat." I hear Calum say to Lillie she just stays in silence. After a few moments of awkward silence she finally got up! She was very fragile do to the fact she hasn't eaten in days so we helped her to the car and drove her home. Once we got her home we made food and put her I sleep. "She's gotten bad, I'm worried about her." Calum says to break the silence. "Yea we ought to do something for her." Ashton speaks up and Michael agrees. "Well I know her birthday is in a couple weeks I think it's November 21, yea." I say, Michael just nods. I know his birthday is the day before so it will be a surprise for both of them. So after we talk about it for awhile. We hear the phone ring I ran and grabbed it and answered "Hi is Lillian home?"

" but I'll take it."

"Well I am very sorry to say that Alesha her mother probably won't wake up and we would like to ask you if she wanted to cut the life support?"

"Um I'll have her call." With that I hung up in shock. I mean I kinda expected it but suddenly it felt shocking. I go over to the boys to give them the news and we decide to tell Lillie, but I don't know how she will handle it.

Lillie's POV

After I woke up I texted Mackenzie and asked if as could come over. So I go down to ask the boys they say it's ok. "Lillian wait." Ashton says as I walk away I know it's something bad they don't usually call me Lillian. "What's up?" Before going to the bathroom they waited. "Well..." Before they could answer the doorbell rang. I run to get it I haven't seen Kenzie in forever it felt like, she didn't go to school with me she was 2 years older than me. "LILLIE!"

"KENZIE!" I say as we conjoin in a hug. "Well since you are hear I would like you meet Luke...." Luke just gave her a fist bump and of course they both made the exploding noise "this is Calum...." He gave her a hug he was so sweet. "This is Michael....." Michael gave her a high five "and finally Ashton." He seemed stunned by her he just gave her a hug which lasted until Michael said "God Ashton take her in a date first!" We laughed so hard while Mackenzie's and Ashton's faces turn bright red, they were already adorable. Ashton picked the right girl tall, skinny, funny, smart and she had the most amazing long red hair, it was perfect, she was perfect. We had been friends since I was 3 we were inseparable. After things calmed down I forgot they were saying something ad said "hey what were you guys going to tell me?" They seemed to go white in the face " well um.." Calum began and Luke grabbed me in a hug before Calum continues "um your mom isn't doing we'll, they uhhhh they wanted to know if u would allow them to cut the life support." Calum ran off I was in such shock everything began to get dizzy, I felt like I was going to throw up but somehow I didn't cry. I just say there in Luke and now Mackenzie's arms who was crying, like I said we have been friends forever and she didn't get a lot of attention from her mom so my mom was like a second mother to her. Then after a moment of silence I thought I was under control until I began to wail in pain. I was beating on Luke's chest "why why did I do something to cause this? Why me and my mom! I should have been nicer! I shouldn't of left I should of let him take me!" As this point the other boys were in such shock and stood still while Luke was calming me saying "shhh none of this is your fault things will get better I promise." He was do calm and eventually I calmed down I manage to say "tell them to let her go but I want to be there. That's the right thing to do right?" I was choking back the tears Ashton was comforting Mackenzie who was still balling of course they were already getting close. But I wasn't really thinking about this what u was thinking about was that this had really been an emotional roller coaster. I have jut been crying and crying I am sure the boys were getting annoyed but when I was little I kept it all in I never revealed my feelings and now I was a grenade exploding.

Luke's POV

Lillie took the news a lot better than I thought but her friend not so much. She must have been close to Lillie's mom. Speaking of that girl Ashton couldn't get his eyes off her and she couldn't either. Lillie thought the same thing after she calmed down she laughed and whispered to me "they might as well get married Jesus." We both laugh, we stare at each other for a minute I had completely forgotten about the kiss. Then I see her gaze wondering behind so I look back to see Mac (Mackenzie) Ash Cal And Mike making kissy faces. Once we got done with that weirdness we decided to go out to eat. We went to a steakhouse, I sat across from Lillie. I would gaze up every once in a while, she was hiding something, she seemed sad. Every time I asked her if she was ok she would give me the same answer "of course I am fine." Then to make it seem real she would put on a fake smile. Why did she have to be so damn stubborn?

Lillie's POV

The whole night I felt like straight up ass. I couldn't stop thinking about my mom but I didn't want them to think I was depressed so I went on with the night. After a bunch of fake laughs and smiles we were leaving, AMEN! Once I stepped out of the restaurant I felt a sudden hand on my shoulder. I didn't have time to think I just turn around hold my pepper spray. "Woah woah Lils it's just me. Since when do you have pepper spray." I sigh at the sight of crystal blue eyes. "Oh hey Luke, I just thought we'll I don't know." We both kinda laugh but then he seems to get serious "what was up tonight." He said looking directly into my eyes "I am fine I was just tired."

"Don't fine me that bull." He said not meaning it in a mean way "Luke can we not talk about this right now." I looked away at this point, I began to feel a burning sensation in my throat and eyes. "When will u be ready Lillie?" I was just so irritated I didn't want to cry I was sick of crying, so I ran. I wasn't running from him I was running from my problems, my feelings, my life. Of course it was raining, my luck. I didn't care I was running and running, I heard foot steps behind me but I didn't care. Luckily, my softball helped my short legs and body, but I picked a 6'3 guy to catch me. Eventually him picked me up and began taking me somewhere but I didn't care I couldn't do anything now. Eventually he stopped and I woke up ( I was asleep it was a long walk don't judge) it was a park. He sat me down on a swing and he sat on the one right of mine. "You know when I was little I came here to just clear my mind." He said breaking the silence "so I thought I would take u here to clear yours." He said now smiling at me. "Well yea." I say. After about 15 minutes of silence he asked if I was cleared and gave him and yea and he said "we'll this place is also good for tag." He said touching me to acknowledge I was it, but it was so forceful I fell off the swing. He came running back "are u ok I am so sorry!" I just laughed and began to get up and reach out to grab him but he pulls away. "Oh I see u were just getting me to fell bad so u can tag me we'll not today!" He said running off. I began running the direction he ran ann find empty area. So I begin to walk back when I am pulled under the slide. He looked me dead in the eyes and said "this is the Lillie I like." He said grinning and then suddenly he pulled me into a kiss,again. This kiss was more amazing sparks were everywhere it was amazing. But as soon as it began it ended and he walked me home. Before we both walk in he gives me a peck on the cheek I was just so happy for once it was good.

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