The 17 year old girl Sophia Healy meets Calum Hood in her first music class. Calum who is in the band 5 Seconds Of Summer and Sophia gets along with eachother real quick, and soon Sophia will might meet the love of her life. But what happens when you fall in love with no other than the MIchael Clifford from 5SOS? What happens when jealousy and drunk decisions is involved, and what happens when the world is suddenly coming crashing down just right in front of your feet?


1. Who's Calum Hood?

"Mum! Really? I'm gonna do fine okay? It's not like it is my very first day at a new school. I've tried this atleast a thousands time before okay?" She nodded. "Thats right. You will do okay" She stroked my cheek and flashed a big smile. "Good, lets say goodbye before im going to be late for my first class" I said and grabbed my bag. "Have a nice day. Make some friends, I pick you up at 4!" I gave her a quick hug, and left the car. It was a beautiful september day and as usual I was oh so nervous about my new school. Because of the fact that my mum has such a shitty job we have to move all the time. Which means I have to make new friends all the time. Which actually also means that I've never been in love or kissed a guy. Yep.

"Ouch! Whatch yourself!" - "I-Im so sorry oh my gosh!" I said while I immediatly started to help the asian guy pick up his books which floated all over the floor in the narrow hallway. "I'm sorry. I didn't see you.. It's my first day" I shrugged. A smile appeared on his face. It looked like he wanted to give me a handshake but failed and once again all the books floated all over the floor. And once again in the narrow hallway. He laughed nervously and started to pick up his books. I giggled and started to help him. He looked at me, "I'm Calum Hood. Nice to meet you." he nodded. I smiled, and even forgot to introduce myself. He grabbed the last book, which was a book about music, obviously. "You are?" He asked and lifted one of his eyebrows. His dark brown eyes was looking straight into my green-blue eyes. I giggled. "I'm Sophia. Im new. You know that.. Yup." He giggled and the bell rang. "Where's your first class?" He asked. "In B12.. Music" A big smile appeared on his face. "What a coinsidence! Im gonna have my first class for today in B12 too! Let's just walk together!"

The day went by so slowy, I nearly thought I wouldnt make it through the day. Music class went great, since the guy I bumbed into in the hallway had been talking to me through the whole class about some kind of band he was in. I didn't really care, but whatsoever. He could be a good friend to have since this school was real fucked. Finally the bell rang and I closed the math book. Lunch! I packed my stuff and went through the narrow hallway, towards the cafeteria. I bought myself a sandwhich with chicken and bacon which I really like. I bought an apple juice too and found myself a table. I skipped the song on my ipod. Miss u by Blink 182. I took a bite of my sandwhich and started thinking of Jessica. I missed her. Her stupid jokes, and crazy dreams. "Blink 182?!" I looked up. The asian guy from music class. "Hey. Asian guy" I said and swallowed. "Eh btw I'm not asian. Okay?" He sat down beside me. "Okaay?" He smiled. "I'm kiwi and scottish" - "Aaah" I smiled. "So you listen to Blink 182 huh?" He asked. "All that curiosity makes me nervous" I said and giggled. "Ah sorry. Don't worry" he paused. "I just really like Blink 182 too. The very first record I bought was that song. Miss u. By them" I nodded. "Interesting" I said. We talked a little about Blink 182, the school, the music class, and how the school year might going to be. The bell rang and I packed my stuff. "Time for chemistry. Ugh I hate it so much" I said. He giggled. "I know one thing you might like?" - "Yeh, what?" I asked. He handed me something and the next second he was gone. I walked to chemistry class, sat down and looked on the paper he had giving me. My eyes got big. A Blink 182 ticket. On front row, this friday!

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