You and Me

It's hard to believe that out of the 7 billion people who live in this world, he was the one to bring me back to life.


6. Chapter 4

*Andrea's Pov*

The day was long and boring. It was the same "Don't eat eat or, drink in my class" "Dont talk" "Do your homework!"and the worst thing they tell you is "We are going to have so much much fun this year!"...haha not.

It still perplexes me, how teachers still try to feed students that bullshit. Maybe it's just me but, school feels like a prison. A prison where they try to control everything you do and, say.

But, I am lucky I have something that makes me feel free after a long day of being controlled...I have running.

I started when I was in 7th and I have done it all through high school. I am currently #1 on varsity and I'm actually captain. I also, intend on going all the way to nationals this year. I know I can do it I just have to stay the course and keep focused!

But before, I get too ahead of myself I should probably just go to practice.

After the final bell I headed to the locker room and straight to my sports locker. I opened it on the first try and because, I was so happy I yelled

"HAHA SUCK IT! MOTHERF*CKER!!" Just then my best friend Amanda walked in.

"GIRL!!!" I squealed as, I jumped on her.

She immediately responded by hugging me and saying "HEY! I missed you, how have you been?"

"I'm great! How about you?" I replied with a smile.

She smirked "I'm good too but, I'm even better now that a certain celebrity is here!"

"Oh God not you too.." I face palmed myself in frustration. "How come everyone and their mother is obsessed with him?"

"Girl..he's can you not be obsessed with him?" She questioned bluntly.

"I'm not saying he's not hot..he just seems like a cocky bastard."

"And how would you know what he's like? You haven't actually talked to him!" She said defensively

"Uh I actually have so...yea..."

"WAIT. WHAT? ARE TOU SERIOUS? WHY? WHEN??" She questioned frantically.

"Okay! Just calm down and I'll tell you!" She nodded. "He didn't know where his first period class was so, I gave him directions that's all, It wasn't anything special. I mean He did stare me though..but it was more..." I was cut off.

"HE WAS STARING AT YOU?" She asked excitedly!

I nodded slowly "Yes"


With evident disgust I reply "Ew hell no...he so doesn't. Even if he did, he isn't my type."

"Whatever you say but, if you don't want him I'll take him!" She says with a cheeky grin. I roll my eyes and start to get ready for practice. All I want to do is just go for my run and clear my head of Harry F*ckin Styles.

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