You and Me

It's hard to believe that out of the 7 billion people who live in this world, he was the one to bring me back to life.


4. Chapter 2

*Andrea's Pov*

I finally made it into the crowded school, I looked at my phone and realized I had about 3 minutes until I had to head to class so, I decided to go to my locker quick and put my books away.

As, I walked through the halls, all I heard were things like 'omg really Harry Styles is here' 'he is so hot' 'I love him' 'Uh can I marry him?'

And all I could think to myself was why are people so obsessed with him, I mean seriously he is just a person! I'm not trying to hate on the guy because, I actually like his music and I guess you could say I think he's attractive but, I'm not crazy enough to fall in love with him and throw myself at him but anyway...

Once I reached my locker, I tried opening it but because I have such a great memory, it took me a good 5 tries to finally open it. And just when my luck could get any better the bell rang.

Seriously, the first day of school and I am already late "Great.." I muttered quietly to myself.

I closed my locker harshly and started walking in the direction of my first period class, when suddenly someone walked into me.

"God, watch where your going!" I yelled at the person.

"Oh my bad I wasn't looking where I was going.." He said in a low voice.

"It's fine.." I replied without even looking at him. Then suddenly I felt a hand on my arm.

"Hey! Uh this is my first day here..could you tell me where 2318 is?"

"Sure, you just take a..." I trailed off as I looked at his face. At that moment I lost all ability to speak when I realized I had just bumped into/yelled at the one and only...Harry Styles...

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