Social Casualty

She was the geek, the one nobody liked, then he came and made everything ok again.


1. Ariel

       Ariels POV

        I groaned as my alarm clock beeped. I looked at the time. 6:45... SHIT! I had to leave by 7! I pulled on leggings,  sweatshirt and my tan boots. I pulled my hair up and whipped on mascara. I rushed out the door and into my blue prius. I thought about how the principal said something was going to happen today. He didn't tell us. Apparently he finds surprises amusing. I don't. What if someone cute is coming? Whatever, no boy has ever wanted to date me. I was 17 and a virgin with no history of any boys. A tear rolled down my face as I thought about how I knew I wanted a boyfriend it's just no boy has ever liked me. I glanced down at my scars. I had attempted to kill myself just twice, but both had landed me in the hospital. My attempts weren't just little cuts, they were me actually wanting to go to hell if thats what it took to get out of this world. I swiped my cheek as I rolled into my school parking lot. I saw a limo pull in after me. I didn't think much of it. I walked inside quickly with my head down. Before I could make it to the door my worst enemy stopped me. Kate. 

       Lukes POV

       As we pulled in a girl got out of a prius. She was gorgeous. Her long black hair was swaying as she walked quickly and quietly into her school. She looked about my age, maybe one year younger. 

       "Holy shit," Ashton blurted out, "She is pretty damn hot." I dont know why but I growled. It was as if I needed to protect her from his player ways. I know Ashton. He was a nice dude to hang out with, but when it came to girls he was a kind of hump and dump guy. He never denied it either. I just didn't want to see her get hurt. All of a sudden she was stopped by a girl with a cheerleading sweatshirt on. All of a sudden the pretty girl tried to duck around her but the other cheerleader took her arm and jerked her to the ground. I saw a swift kick to the gut. he cheerleader muttered something than turned around and strutted away. I ran out of the car hearing the guys screams drone out from behind me. 

        Ariels POV

       "Kate..." I muttered as she blocked my way.

        "Hey there loser. Do you have my math homework?" She asked. I nodded. "And I texted you last night to also do my english online, did you do that too?" I shook my head

       "I don't have a phone, I'm sorry, I'll do it at lunch" I tried to go around her but she grabbed my arm and yanked me back.

       "I don't think so. You have to learn to do what I say. If I let you go without any punishment, what will other people say? That I'm growing soft? Then people will start to walk all over me. Then soon enough I will be like you. A worthless loser who nobody likes" She kicked me in my gut and walked away. I started to get up when I heard yelling behind me. It was probably the usual new kid who wants to help but their friends stop them and tell them about me. I felt someone grab my arm and try to help me up. I yanked back revealing my bare arm as my sleeve rolled up. I looked at who it was. He was staring at my arm, I followed his gaze to my 2 scars. One on top of the other. His jaw dropped. He looked up at me with pity in his eyes. I was about to yell at him when I saw who he was. Luke fucking Hemmings. I started inching back to the doors and quickly stood up and ran inside. Great, I thought, my fucking dream boy and now he thinks I'm a loser who feels sorry for herself and craves attention. I started crying and ran into the girls bathroom. I fucking hate life, I thought.
















       Ok so thanks for reading! This is my first fanfic so srry if its horrible. Also, if you want me to do a 2nd chapter just comment below! Remember to like and fan me! :3




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