Your mine


3. Only early days

((Stephanie's POV))

BEEP BEEP. i woke up to the sound of my alarm. "I dont wanna go to school" I said quietly to myself.I dragged myself slowly out of bed to the shower in the next room. 20 minutes later I got out the shower and got dressed. 


"Bye mum see you after school" i yelled

I ran out of the house not looking were i was going.

"OWW" i heard a deep voice yell.

"oh my god i'm so sorry" i replied

"dont worry" He answered.

i looked up to see a beautiful cute face.

"Hi my names stephanie" i said hopping he was listening.

"Yeah my names Zayn very nice to meet you" He looked up and smiled once he saw me.

"I better go" I said and walked off. I dont know what happened but i think i have a crush.

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