Two worlds

This is my first fanfic so please no hate,I'm trying my best!


2. to the mall!!!


I was in deep thought,what did Dipper mean?are they evil?are they good? What did it all mean?"forget it Mabel,just get ready"

I then realized I was still in my pjs,I got out my best t-shirt and sweater,I fund the cutes skirt and I get the most colorful head band,I was finally ready,me and Dipper went outside and waited.


Me and my friends(Jason,Max,Tara,Melody,and Harry)were going to the mystery shack to pick up Mabel and Dipper,I stared out the car window as we drove by so many things,as we were getting close I saw something,or somethings"Tara,did u see that?"Tara and Melody were in the back with me,Jason and Max were up front,and Harry was in the very back

"No,what was it?"Tara asked me in shock,everyone looked at me,except Max who was driving

"I'm not sure,but there were four of them,and they had white glowing eyes in the dark of the forest back there"I said pointing in the direction I saw them

"Maybe it was just your imagination"Harry said trying to make sense of this,he always try's to make up a logic expiration for everything!

"Maybe"I said with doubt on what Harry said

"Were here guys!"Max said as he stopes the car


When Wendy and her friends pulled up I shot up and ran to the car with Mabel right be hind me,I was so happy,Wendy opened the car door"come on guys"she said with her beautiful voice,me and Mabel got in the very back with one of Wendy's friends

"So these are the twins y keep going on and on about on the way here?"a girl sitting next to Wendy asked

"Yup,this is Mabel and Dipper"Wendy said with a smile

"Hi"me and Mabel said at the same time

The boy in the drivers seat started to drive again,we are now going to the mall,I can't what!

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