Two worlds

This is my first fanfic so please no hate,I'm trying my best!


1. it begins!

(Mabel)I'm running,I'm running for my life,my memory is super blurry and all I remember before I started to run were these big and tall figures and Dipper yelling run Mabel,I'm almost to the mystery shack,I hope I get my memory back soon ~two days before~(Dipper)I'm getting ready to go hang out with Wendy at the mall,with Mabel and Wendy's friends too(Mabel)"you getting ready for your date with Wendy?"(Dipper)"what,no!"(Mabel)"come on dipper,just tell her your feelings!"(Dipper)"no way,she is three years older then me,even though she is more beautiful then the sun rise and sun set,I'm not going to tell her Mabel!!"(Mabel)"ok ok sheesh bro bro"(Dipper)"sorry,I'm a little on edge because I have been having this weird dream that keeps me up at night"(Mabel)"is it bill?"(Dipper)"no,it's someone or something else"

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