You can't Hide (Fallen Angle)

Just four friends who just wanted a new start. They didn't expect anything to happen in till four boys showed up with a dark past. Will theses girls save them for the good or the bad read to find out.


7. Chapter 2 : A new school or should I say hell

          Bree p.o.v

   I wake up to my curtains opening me and sqizz groan my hands fly up to my eyes "We have school today" Sarah say "Why the fuck do we have school and we just got here like Yesterday not even fucking yesterday like yesterday fucking night". I feel someone roll close to me "Hey you cuss to much that is not good" I get out off bed and Squizz falls on the floor "Well sorry mother" Sarah glares at me "We have two more pop-tarts left I look at the floor and see Squizz is not there then I hear footsteps running downstairs. I turn and run for the door me and Sarah get there at the same time and we shove each other to get out the door. I get out before her and run down the hallway I turn and stick out my tongue only to be tripped by the rug and I fall face first I get up and start rubbing my face. I look to see Sarah laughing her ass off I start laughing to but she is in tears "You should have pictured that in slow motion like not even kidding" She says this while holding her stomach and yelling the words at me. I get mad really fast and flick her off I run downstairs "You need the pop-tart after that fall' I glare at her and flick her off this only makes her only laugh harder and fall to the floor I roll my eyes "Are we ready or not" Squizz say but more like growl it at us I put my hands up in surrender we all drive while. Paramore Monster plays really loud we all looks at each other and start singing it really loud we drive up to the school and we are still yelling the lyrics when we fully pull up I groan and roll my head over and look at Sarah "Can't we just skip please" I look at her with pleading eyes. "No" she say "Well it was a good try" I say I look out the window and everyone is staring at the car "Come on" she opens her door we all get out at the same time everyone is staring at us I run to Squizz side and but my arm though hers Celeste and Sarah are doing the same but they are ahead of us looking down at there phone. Squizz is looking around but my eyes stop at four boys smoking and girls around them with shorts skirts and shorts on with there boobs about to pop out trying to get there attention I see a dude with red hair wild and going in different directions. I stop and look at him. He turns and looks at me and smirks I think that is the dude I saw last night he gives me a little wave and winks at me I give him a fake smile then flick him off I run up to Squizz side and we go into the school. Celeste and Sarah are waiting for us in the hallway we run to them and go into the office "Hey can we get our class schedules please" I say she just continues typing I roll my eyes I smack my hands down on her desk "Can we please get our fucking schedules" I say to her but more like a growl she looks up at me scared "Yeah just a minute" I nod she hands us folders "Thank you"


           Sarah p.o.v.


I was walking to math class when a tall dude with blonde hair was staring at me but he came out of no where "Hey sweet checks" I roll my eyes and flick him off. I just keep walking "Your going to regret that babe" I turn about "Bite me" and keep walking I get to math this is the only class that I don't have with the girls and it's going to be boring. I was half sleep when the bell ranged. I walked up to the teacher and asked for directions on where to go well let me tell he sucked at giving me instructions the bell ranged like two minutes ago I see the blonde kid from earlier go around the corner I just shrug my shoulders. I turned the corner he just turned and I was walking past the janitors closet when I fell hands on my mouth and I fell myself get picked up. I scream only for  it to be muffled and that pissed me off. Someone pushed me hard into the wall and I feel someone go between my thighs I open my eyes 



              Hey guess it's like Spring break and my Spring break sucks ass but HAVE A FREAKING AWESOME SPRING BREAK LOVE YOU GUYS     

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