You can't Hide (Fallen Angle)

Just four friends who just wanted a new start. They didn't expect anything to happen in till four boys showed up with a dark past. Will theses girls save them for the good or the bad read to find out.


6. Chapter 1: The Move


        Bree p.o.v.

   It's been like 10 hours since the drive and we finally get to the house. If you are wondering where are my parents are they sent me off with my friends and are paying our bills they thought it would be a good a idea to have a "New start" and if we move we will have a "Better life" better life my ass. I get snapped out of my thoughts by Celeste saying we are here "It took long enough" Sarah said I just gave a little chuckle I turn to wake Squizz up "Hey we are here so get your lazy ass up ok' I shake her "Are we even here yet" she mumbles. "No we are at Godzilla house about to get high as a kite no dip shit we are here come on get up". I hear laughing and I turn to see Celeste and Sari laughing there asses off I just give a nervous smile. "Hey you two the furniture is already set up we just have to put away our clothes' Celeste say "That's going to be hell' Squizz say "Well I am tired I am just going to go to sleep and all tomorrow" I hear Sarah clear her throat. I roll my eyes "Is there something you would like to say Sarah" I say in annoyance today has been a long very long day "Yeah I would we start school tomorrow" me and Celeste and Squizz all groan. "Of course you would know you the geek" Celeste say "No I  thought we all got this Bree is the geek she's just a dork" me and Squizz groan don't they mean the same thing "Don't Geek, Dork, and Nerd mean the same thing gosh". I rub my temples "Yeah what she said this is to much thinking right now thank god you guys are not blondes" (no offense to blondes)  I start walking  in the house Squizz stands next to me. "It feels weird it's like someone is watching us' I just shrug my shoulders and walk into the house and go up the stairs and see a paper with my name on it. I walk in "Omyushhh I love my room" I hear Celeste and Sarah squeal I just laugh Squizz comes into my room "I am sleeping in here tonight this house is to creepy" I give a confused face. "Why you sleep to wild" I whine she just chuckles at me "Please Bree please" I just roll my eyes and just give in " Ok but if you start sleeping wild I will kick your ass off the fucking bed ok I love you but not that much and you know how I feel about my sleep". "Go to fucking sleep we have school tomorrow" we hear Sarah scream "I swear to god they are some fucking weird fucking kids" Squizz mumbles I just give a little laugh "Look who's talking". I say to her she flicks me off and go to sleep I just stay up because I am not tired so I decide to go to the woods that is in the back yard I put on a sweater and climb down the balcony. I pull out my ear plugs and go to Sleeping with sirens Gold song it's really good to be honest. I look up from my phone and see a dude leaning against a tree but it was dark I go to see my Instagram but when I look up he's gone the wind around me blows. I stand there with a confused face the other part of the woods are not blowing with wind. "Well that wasn't fucking weird at all" I mumble I turn around and drop my phone there standing it a very tall guy with crazy looking hair looking down at me. "Well I was about to go so if you don't mind" I scratch and give a nervous smile the back of my head and pick up my phone but when I am fully standing I don't see him I start running like my life depends on it I get to the balcony but I say fuck that and run to the front door and run up the stairs. When I open the door I start freaking I slam the door close and lock it then run upstairs I run into my room and lock my balcony door I think it is time for me to go to sleep like right fucking now  when I hit the bed I am out cold.





   Hey it's Bree I started over b/c when I started it was shit so I started it over and I think I am doing good so far so love you guys stay Beautiful Love you


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