You can't Hide (Fallen Angle)

Just four friends who just wanted a new start. They didn't expect anything to happen in till four boys showed up with a dark past. Will theses girls save them for the good or the bad read to find out.


8. A new school or should I say hell


   I just love this song and I love Ed Sheeran like who the hell doesn't but anyway enjoy loves


      Sarah p.o.v 

Some one is between my thighs while my legs are on there waist I open my eyes to see the blonde from earlier I roll my eyes "I told you that you where going to regret it but you didn't believe me" he smirks "And plus who can resists all this sexyness" I roll my eyes his ego is to high for his IQ he takes his hand off my mouth. "Did it hurt" He smiled "When I came down from heaven why yes it did" I roll my eyes "No idiot when you popped that big ass pimple right there" I said while pointing at it I hear laughing out side the door he sets me down. I walk out to see the dudes he was hanging out with in the hallways laughing there asses off they where on the floor rolling while holding there stomach. I roll my eyes and walk off I hear the blonde whine and say it isn't funny I did a little chuckle finally found the room I was looking for I wounder how the other girls day is going to far


        Celeste p.o.v


I walked into class and just sat in a seat everyone gasped I looked around confused the girl into the seat next to me leaned over and whispered "You do know that is Calum Hood spot right" I look at her "Does it look like I give any fucks who seat this is" I look her into the eyes while saying this some girls laugh about it and all she just does is whine. Soon some boys came in but I was to confused on the bitching barbie at the moment everyone is still laughing "You know what I am calling my daddy to get you kicked out" I just chuckled and mimicked her like I was in grade school and that only pissed her off even more. "I don't give a damn if you call your dad or even the fucking President or even Floyd Mayweather on my ass even better Justin fucking bieber'" I didn't even notice there was a dude standing in front of me. I look up "Uh..... I don't speak Chinese" (No offense) and the whole class starts laughing there ass off his eyes get darker and I put my hands up in surrender the teacher walks in she look like a bitchy thing. She yells and tell everyone to sit down and calm down but everyone is still laughing about my comment I don't know why because I wasn't trying to be funny he turns to the girl next to me. "Bitch move" his voice was so deep it was so scary she moves like there is no tomorrow he sits down and turns to me and glare I sink down in my seat. I just give a nervous laugh while scratching my neck while doing a little squeaky sorry no wonder why he was mad the whole hour went by slow and it was tiring she talks in a bored voice and I get glares from the dude from earlier. I turn to look at the clock and we have half an hour I just put my head down and darkness takes over me I get waken up by the bell I get up and go to the next class first day and I have two people who don't like me fucking great just great.



      Squizz p.o.v     

I was in sex ed class this class is so disgusting soon as I walked in people where making out I sit next to a girl and she chuckles I look at her "What are you laughing at". She just shrugs her shoulders "Nothing it's like this everyday so you will get used to it" I nodded "Lilly" she holds out her hand I shake it you must be the new girls I nod my head confused "You guys are becoming popular already. I hear you friend Sarah and Celeste are funny as hell"  I look even more confused "I guess" the bell ranged and out teacher what let me tell you was hawt and I would not believe if he was single not at all. He looks over the classroom and sees me and wink Lilly looks also confused did he just wink at me the door flies open and hits the wall and walks in is a dude with a bandana. He sits behind me but not before winking what is wrong with everyone do they got something in there eye or something "Finally made it huh" the teacher ask. "Yeah I heard there was a new hottie in here so....." I roll my eyes then next thing I know I hear drumming behind me I turn around to see him with drum sticks in his hand. "Can you fucking stop that" I say annoyed "Yeah I will when you give me a kiss". He smirks me and Lily roll our eyes the teacher ask someone to put a condom on a banana and I slide down in my seat when his eyes is in my area I guess he saw me trying not to be seen and calls on me. I groan and go to the front of the class and take the banana I look at the condom in his hand "I am not touching that thing" He laughs. "You have to sweetheart" I take a deep breath "If it makes you feel any better you have a nice ass" Someone yelled and it was the dude with the drum sticks I flick him off  and before I could touch the condom the bell rings it's lunch yay fucking finally.


Finally updated yay


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