1. prologue

Once soon a time,there was a amazing place called the magic realm,there was only good magic and everyone lived in harmony until one day evil magic came and distorted the light,the world was in chaos until a brave and powerful warrior named hex cast a spell and locked the darkness away forever,or so she thought(3000 years ago)as the darkness filled the sky princess fire and her baby snow were trying to get to safety,her sister hex was fighting at the time,finally she made it to the portal to the human world,she told her loyal friend phineas to bring her baby girl to the human realm,and he did,as the battle went on the princess was turned to stone and her sister was killed locking the darkness away forever,the good magic grow for the many years and peace was restored(present day)the darkness has been locked away for many years now and no one in the human would have know the battle of the magic realm and how they saved them,but the darkness is getting more and more powerful each decide it spends in the underworld,and soon the battle will start once more and the world will need to be saved.

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