2. chapter 1


I was walking home from school,I knew my mom was going to be proud of me for getting another A+ straight in school,I am the smarts girl in school,as I walked into my house,I felt something

"Daniela,how was school?"my mom asked,she knows I like to be called Danny like everyone dose"It was ok mom,I got straight A's again"I said in a sad tune"what's wrong Hun?"she asked,she is always co sureness about me"I'm fine mom"I said walking up the stairs and walked into my room

I dropped my backpack in its corner in my room and graded my diary from my closet,I laid down on my bed and started to right about the day

Dear diary,today was the ninth day of school,same as always I got A+'s the whole day,but something felt off today,Jason,my best friend,was avoiding me,and so was Katie,what is going on?why does everyone hate me,I know you don't hate me diary,right now,your my only friend

I sighed and put my diary back in my closet just in time,my seven year old brother max walked in"what are you doing?"he asked"none of you business"I said pushing him out of my room,closing and locking the door shut


I wish I could have hung out with Danny today but i had to stay away,for her safety,I know something she doesn't ,and if she finds out something bad will most Likely happen,me And Jason staid with me,he is so cute,I wish he would notice me,wait,what was I talking about?

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