A Diamond in the Rough


I have to get out of here. If I don't, I'll start to go crazy. I'll do whatever it takes. I've been lied to before, and it hurt. It hurt so bad. But now, maybe it's my turn to lie. You do what you have to right?


I'm lonely. I haven't been forever, but lately I am. My dad always showed me these lame magic tricks. Now I know they weren't real, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe magic controls everything we do. Maybe it controls everyone we meet. Why we meet them, how we meet them, how they act towards you. Now is no time to get upset about it. My dad always said magic is a way we show our emotions in an unexplainable way. He has never been so right.

Expression: a diamond in the rough
Meaning: someone who has great qualities, despite a hidden/rough exterior; someone obtaining great potential and heart


3. Chapter 3



I rode into the city and stopped at my favorite Chinese restaurant. I took the to go bag and stuffed it in my backpack, making sure it was closed so nothing would get on the book. Speaking of the book, it kept vibrating in my backpack.

Every time I made a turn, every time I stopped, and it went crazy when I drove past an alley earlier. I was on my way back home and the book wouldn't stop, it just kept going and going. When I was about to pass that same alley, the book went crazy. My backpack was basically jumping off my back and that was when I heard voices.

"You're just bluffing, you wouldn't kill me." It was obviously a girl and whoever she was she was having a hard time talking.

"Wanna bet?" A deeper voice said.

My eyes widened and I turned off my bike and set the backpack down on it, which was starting to calm down. I eased up against the wall and peered my head over the corner. There were two guys, dressed in suspicious looking colors, one standing behind another one who was holding something against the wall. It was the girl I heard talking, who was dressed in suspicious colors herself.

But what really caught my attention was what was going on. Even in the dark I could something red running down the girl's neck and the knife in the guys hand. I didn't have a plan and I knew running out without one was stupid, but there was no time for that, she needed my help and I felt like I was supposed to do this.

Grabbing a metal trash can lid as a weapon I ran out and hit the guy who was just standing there as hard as I could over his head. It caught the knife guy's attention and he let the girl go. She slid down the wall and gripped her neck, her face twisted with pain and confusion.

"Who are you?" the knife guy barked at me.

I didn't reply. I just swung the lid at him and hit him right in the stomach. He stumbled back against the wall and his knife fell off to the side. I bent down and grabbed the knife and pointed it at him as he tried to get up again. Ignoring my threat he stood up and lunged for me.

I didn't plan on accidently killing someone tonight, so I dodged underneath his arm and swung the knife, cutting his leg. He screamed, fell to the ground, and I knew he wouldn't be getting up any time soon. I dropped the lid and stabbed the knife against the concrete, knowing it wouldn't be usable now, then threw it down the alley.

My attention flew back to the girl who was sitting on the ground looking at me with an unreadable expression. Her long brown hair was a wavy mess around her head and her dark green eyes were filled with a wild look. She was breathing just as heavy as I was and her hands were covered in her own blood. I walked closer to her and her eyes just followed me.

"C'mon, let's get out of here." I said quietly reaching my hand out to her.

She didn't say anything but she placed her small hand in mine, and ignoring my now blood covered hand, I pulled her up and she let go of my hand.

"My neck. It hurts." Her voice came out weak, and painful.

"C'mon, I can take you to the hospital." I said.

"No, I can't go there. I just need to go home." She looked even more scared now.

"But your neck-."

"Please." She whimpered.

"Hey." Someone grunted behind us.

We both whipped our heads around and the witness guy was starting to get up.

"Go get on my bike," I instructed pointing her to it, "put the backpack on and turn the key."

"Get on that?" she sounded nervous.

"Or we can stay here with these guys." I said.

After I said that she didn't say another word and ran over to the bike. I turned back to the guy and picked up the trash can lid, preparing myself for whatever he was about to do.




I thought I was going to die, but then he saved me. Everything happened and my heart was beating so fast that I couldn't pay attention to how he looked or anything about him. He told me to get on the bike, put on the backpack, and turn the key. I ran over to it and just stood in front of it for a second. I didn't know what the heck I was supposed to do, this was a motorcycle not a normal, manual bike. I took my hands off my neck and blood was dripping off of them. I was reaching for the backpack and then I retracted my hands quickly.

This boy had just saved me and I didn't wanna get my blood over all his things, but then I stole a look over my shoulder and saw him wrestling around with Jon. I took the backpack and put it on. I swung my legs over the bike and turned the key. The roar of the motor made me jump and I readjusted myself on the bike. My thick, wavy hair had fallen out of my ponytail and was a mild mess around my head. I pushed it out of my face and as soon as I finished trying to make myself look presentable, they boy ran up and hopped on the bike in front of me.

"You might want to hold on." He said.

Hold on? As in hold on to him? After my whole deal with Tyler, boys just seemed so untrustworthy, but this guy did save my life and he didn't even know me.

"But my hands." I said in his ear.

"It's ok, I don't care." He said.

I felt bad about already ruining his backpack and now his clothes but I held tightly onto his waist and as soon as I did he started to pull off. The acceleration pulled me back a little and I let out a small scream. I gripped him tighter and slammed my head against his shoulder, sealing my eyes shut. I could feel his laugh through his back and it hit my face like a vibrating chair.

"You ok?" he laughed.

I liked his laugh, it was... cute.

"No, I'm not ok. This is the scariest thing ever." I replied loudly.

"You almost died in that alley back there and riding a motorcycle is scary?" I could feel the smile on his face.

"I live a pretty condemned life ok. Different things make me react differently." I said.

"So I'm taking you home right? An address would be helpful." He said slowing the bike down.

"Just turn down this street, then take a left, and then a right, and it's the house at the end of the block." I said.

We rode in silence the rest of the ride. It wasn't until I was on his motorcycle that I noticed how isolated our house was from the rest of the neighborhood. He slowed to a stop in the long wrap around driveway and looked up like he was watching the stars fall from the heavens.

"This, this is your house?" the bike shut off and so did the roaring of the engine, leaving that same silence that surrounded our house all the time.

But now there was another voice, someone else to take away the silence instead of just my dad, Katie, and I. Yet, I still didn't know whether or not that was the best thing.

"Yes." I nodded.

"It's... amazing." He swung his legs off the bike and for a second I thought he was just going to leave me here, but he turned back to me and stuck out both of his hands.

I grabbed them, both of them covered in the almost dried blood and he helped me off. When he let go I watched his hands and looked at his stomach, both of which were covered in my own blood.

"So is there someone here to help you with your neck?" he said as I took the backpack off of my shoulders and handed it to him.

"I'll figure it out. My dad will be home in the morning." I said reaching up to touch the still open cut.

"Do you want any help?"

"How do I know you know what you're doing?" I met his eyes.

"My mom was a nurse, I know a few things." A small smile fell on his face, the first one I had actually seen.

And I liked it.

"Alright then." I led him up the drive way and to the front door.

I pulled my key out of my pocket, unlocked the door, and we both stepped inside. Normally I leave the key on the small table that stands next to the door, but my blood had gotten on it and I'd rather dad not see it. I started up the stairs without a word and he followed me up and into my room. I switched on the light and walked to the bathroom door pushing it open.

"I'm Zach by the way." He said.

His voice made me stop in the doorway of the bathroom, my hand in mid air about to flip on the lights. I realized that I didn't really know what he looked like. When we were outside I looked at his face but saw all the normal things, hair, eyes, nose, and if I can recall correctly everyone has those.

I slowly turned around and there he was. He was looking back at me with big blue eyes that popped out like my mom's old sapphire and his brown hair was spiked up in the front and it looked like he had been sweating. His shoulders seemed so far away from each other and his arms were surprisingly thick, and not thick like my dad's, but thick with muscle. He was probably about half a foot taller than me and a whole lot bigger than me. I expected him to look like Tyler but he was more, eye appealing.

"Hey wait a second." He said suddenly stepping closer to me.

I automatically started backing away, based off my experiences from the day I never knew what he could do to me.

"You look familiar." He said.

My eyes widened and squeezed my fists shut. He doesn't know who I am. He can't.

"You're that Valerie girl off Twitter. Valerie Green right?" he asked.

I let out a deep breath and blinked a few times, that was too close.

"Um, yeah. That's me." I smiled slightly.

"You're even more beautiful in person."

What? Did he just call me beautiful? Only three people had ever called me that before if you don't count all the comments on Instagram that come from people I don't know. I didn't know why he was looking at me like that but then I realized I was looking back at him with the same expression. We were both standing there smiling at each other, and I had this weird feeling that I might have made my first human friend.




I'm not really the social type and I went to a really small school, but she was by far the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had thick, brown wavy hair and dark green eyes. She was so small and her skin looked like it was a natural tan color, like mine. Weirdly enough, she reminded me of my mom. I told myself not to say it, I just met her and I would make a fool out of myself, but it came out anyway.

"You're even more beautiful in person." I smiled lightly.

Her eyes got even wider if that was possible and she looked down at the floor, her hair falling in her face.

"I'm sorry. I guess I came on a little to strong." I apologized.

"No it's ok." She looked back at me.

We stood there with an awkward silence in the air until she lead me into the bathroom and opened up her medicine cabinet. She didn't know what to do so she just told me to grab what I needed and then she walked out. I grabbed a bunch of wet, dry, and extra paper towels, rubbing alcohol, and the biggest band aid I could find.

I walked back out into her room and she was sitting cross legged on her bed and she was no longer wearing her hoodie, but a plain black v-neck and her cut was more visible than before. She looked up when I came in and repositioned herself as I sat down next to her. I grabbed the wet paper towels and put my fingers under her chin. She flinched a little then relaxed a few seconds later. I slowly wiped the blood away and she shut her eyes.

"So did you know that guy?" I asked her.

"Just an ex, you know how that is." She sighed.

"He didn't seem like a normal ex boyfriend. I've heard of guys getting revenge and stuff like that, but I've never heard of someone trying to commit a murder."

"He wasn't exactly my boyfriend to start with. He just wanted some stone." She shrugged.

She was surprisingly calm about everything that happened. I would expect her to cry or something like that but she was perfectly calm. I grabbed the paper towel wit the rubbing alcohol on it and stopped before it reached her neck.

"This might sting a little. You can hold on to something if you want. Squeezing it gets rid of the pain sometimes." I said.

Then she did the last thing I expected and took my hand from underneath her chin and held it in hers. It was still covered in dry blood but I didn't care. I put the paper towel to her neck and she squeaked and squeezed my hand.

"You ok?" I asked quietly.

"No, but I'll survive. Keep going." She muttered.

I smiled and cleaned up the cut as best as quickly as I could and her grip on my hand tightened with every stroke.

"So he wanted stone? That's a weird request." I dropped the paper towel on my leg.

I was about to let go of her hand when her body tensed up like she had just been shot. She took a sharp breath and her eyes slammed shut. She was gripping mine so tight it started to hurt. Then I realized what was happening, how was it though all I said was stone? Her eyes popped open and they were that glowing red-orange color and she started coughing, holding her stomach with her free hand.

"What-what's going on? I can't breathe." She coughed out.

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