Autumn 14: T R E N D S

A list of trends for Autumn 2014, and examples of how to wear them!


3. Polo Necks and Checks


I've combined two trends in this feature, actually. The jumper along with the coloured checked trousers, create a subtly edgy outfit. The look itself is based on a punk look, with a more conservative feel for those teens (those who wear the Kylie collection) who are experimenting. The colours, the greens and blacks and silvers, are all darker colours. I know I said in a previous feature most people opt for bleakness in this colder weather, there are ways you can work it fashionably. You could add some more accessories to this outfit too, however I felt that because the trousers are such a standout piece. 

The first trend would be polo neck jumpers, which is a classic style of jumper. It's simple, practical, but with just the right cut, it can transform your look. The shape of the neckline puts emphasis on the shoulder area, especially in the black colour shown. This is an interesting angle to an outfit, because it's not usually an area of the body focused on. The thing about black is that it's a colour that insulates heat (Physics, I learnt this in Physics), which means it's both cool and insanely practical. 

The checks featured in the trousers have a great colour to them. The green tones in the outfit immediately lift it from becoming a dull outfit to an exciting outfit. The cut of the trousers, the skinniness, is a nod to the punk origins I based my outfit on, where skinny jeans are a must-have. The zips on both the trouser pockets and the boots link the outfit together nicely, and the silver hues add more life to the outfit. 

If you're looking for a way to edge up your outfit on a budget (that polo jumper is £15 from H&M!), then this could definitely be worth a shot!

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