Autumn 14: T R E N D S

A list of trends for Autumn 2014, and examples of how to wear them!


1. Pale Pink




The good thing about this pale pink colour is that it literally goes with any skin tone. It can make lighter skin tone look more dewy, whilst it can really highlight darker skin. Whilst pale pink can look really good paired with more block colours to create a standout look (such as cobalt blue), I opted for a more vintage feel to this outfit. This is because the softer hues are less harsh on the eye for Autumn, and seeing as most people opt for bland shades because of the bleak weather, it'll make it both cute and a step ahead of the crowd.


The cardigan I've added to accessorise the dress is a beige colour, which contrasts nicely with the pale pink. It also has a knitted texture to it, which is more suited to colder weather. The same idea applies for the brogues, as because they are closed-toe shoes, they'd be easier to walk in when the paths are slippy, as it rains quite a bit in Autumn, then gets icier towards Winter.


The hat and the necklace are just additional pieces, which add a more vintage feel to the outfit. I really like the pearl necklace, as the beads look very refined, but the fact they're in a Peter Pan collar shape makes it even better as that is also an Autumn trend. If it's a colder day, white tights or socks could be added to the outfit, both for warmth and to add more textures to the outfit.


Overall, if you like to wear pink, but aren't sure how not to look like Barbie whilst doing so, this outfit is definitely worth a try for you!

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