Autumn 14: T R E N D S

A list of trends for Autumn 2014, and examples of how to wear them!


2. Aztec

This outfit is pretty simple, from the outside. You've got a classic cut dress, and some classic gold accessories. But the key feature about this outfit is the Aztec feel. I've put the deep red and good together for many reason because of this. Mainly, it's based on the Egyptian makeup, where the rich had bold colours, bold shadows, red lips and gold accessories. This is a more subtle rendition of the lavish style, which can be accessorised accordingly, for season and occasion. For example, you could add dark tights for the colder seasons, and add gold bangles for a fancy occasion.

The necklace I've added is the main feature highlighting the Aztec trend. The detailing on the necklace is like an Aztec coin, an elegant twist on the storm of kooky coin accessories sweeping the stores. The colour also stands out boldly against the red wine dress, which works well in adding emphasis to the necklace. This is a basic way of showcasing jewellery, without having lots of it piled on.

The shoes are golden sandals, which are a subtle nod to the hot weather they are suited for found in Egypt. The heels are small on them, which would make them suitable, along with the rest of the ensemble, to wear for work or out and about. The straps are thin, which makes them easier to put on, which would be helpful for people if they are in a rush. This whole outfit, really, is an easy outfit to fling on last minute, whilst looking stylish.

If you're looking for an easy, comfortable look to wear, whilst looking on trend and chic, this could be for you. Perfect for sophistication! 

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