Him. A Phil Lester imagine


1. Dan

I lay next to dan on his bed, not cuddled up, just laying on top of the sheets side by side. We do that sometimes. Dans my best friend although I can never compare to Phil. Dan and I aren't together despite how we act, our love is purely platonic. We've known each other since we were little, i live in the same apartment block as him and his roommate Phil. When dan and I lay together we would just talk, something's about pointless things sometimes about deep thoughts and feelings, today's topic was Phil. Dan introduced me to him when he started college, I was concerned about him so I started to talk to Phil about his depression, we helped him through it, he gets it every now and then but then we do this, lay side by side. Most times we would discuss personal issues, he always made me feel better and apparently I did the same for him. The first time we lay side by side Dan ended up in tears, in my arms. I sung to him, and now almost every time we lay together I end up singing it, he isn't always in tears. it's nothing amazing just a few lines of an old song my mum used to sing.

"When the sky's are looking bad my dear,

And your hearts lost all it's hope,

After dawn there will be sunshine,

And all the dust will go,

The sky's will clear my darling,

Wake up with the one I love the most,

I'm gonna wake you up in the morning

With some tea and toast."

As much as everyone thinks it, I could never be with Dan. He feels the same, we are just too good of friends, I feel safe with dan. Like I can trust him with everything, and there's no need for intimacy, even though we hold hands every so often that's it...

Just when I start to get lost in thought I hear Dan speak

"I'm glad your here" he says.

I look over at him to see him looking at the ceiling, Dan is a good friend. He's there to listen whenever I need him, I do the same for him.

I feel him move around and then suddenly feel his hand in mine. This is normal for us, we hold hands all the time. "I'm glad your my friend"

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