Him. A Phil Lester imagine


3. coffee


Lara and Phil went on a date today.

Not that that was a problem. It just didn't feel right, I didn't like her. Did Phil? I try and distract myself with reading the comments on my latest video, that didn't help. Hate comments didn't usually get to me, but they did this time. Maybe because Lara wasn't here to tell me it was okay. Was Phil going to take her away from me? No. I don't like her. Do i? No.

I feel safe when I'm with her. Like I can tell her everything and she won't judge me. I feel the same with Phil only I don't like Phil. And I don't like Lara. I don't! I can't deal with this. I read through more of the comments and the thought of Lara never being there again pushed me to the limit.

I need to.

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