Olympus' Blood

It's the ending. The end of time as we know it... and even in the darkest corners of such a deprived world there lies one thing that reigns above all. No, it's not hope; it's love. Something that every mother (save Gaea) understands... This story was inspired by the English tale of Beowulf (with particular emphasis on Grendel's defeat).
Yes, the ending Leads into MAGNUS CHASE (Rick's Next book) and Karter's world as well :D


4. Rachel

Rachel dropped onto her knees as the layer of mud that had coated her dissipated. A vision took shape. 

Two kids were standing outside of a forest. Was that Camp Half Blood? The one on the left had a striking resemblance to someone she knew. His blonde hair was combed to one side. His freckles were numerous and his shirt was buttoned up so he appeared to assume the role of the stereotypical nerd. His see green eyes gazed at his pocket from which he withdrew a pen, along with a photo. He stared at it and looked to the boy on his right. 
"Are you sure we're related?" He looked quizzically at the much wilder looking teen whose uncontrollable brown hair was fashioned in all directions.
"Yes, that there is my Aunt. I'm telling you, we're cousins" he insisted
"Then how is it that she's never told me of any relatives. Dad said we were alone in this world. I don't even know your name. So what now, that horse dude introduces us and now we're supposed to figure this out?"
The boy to his left considered this for a moment, before reaching out his hand.
"Hi, I'm Magnum Chase. Your older cousin. And you are --"
"I prefer to make my own introductions. I'm Luke, son of Percy Jackson and Anabeth Chase"

The friction between the timber on the forest ground, and a metallic structure rumbled rather uncontrollably. 
"Chiron, you should really work on your secret entrance" Magnus called out. 
"I'm afraid this is no time for jokes"
"So are we going to go out and win this war or what?" Luke intervened. How he reminded Rachel of Percy. He'd inherited the same restless attitude and vibrant eyes.
"No" Magnus looked stern "I thought your parents would have told you this. The world is a messed up place and trouble is... the gods are having a little disagreement."
"A little disagreement?" Luke sensed a storm approaching
"It's the big Three" Magnus appeared to glow as he spoke those fateful words.
"As in my granddad and his brothers?"
 Luke squealed in delight. The thought that he'd never met Poseidon saddened Rachel. The gods never change, she thought to herself. 

"No my dear" Chiron's voice was calm as always. Yet, his eyes flickered as though he was suffering from a sugar rash of information "I meant Ra, Odin and Zeus"

Rachel's eyes flung open. Green mist emerged from her mouth as yet again, another prophecy transpired. 



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