The TARDIS and the Junkyard

This is the story of how the First Doctor and Susan first left Gallifrey; and more importantly, why he did!!! I have NEVER seen a First Doctor episode, so I'll probably get some stuff wrong. Bear with me.

I do not own the Doctor Who characters. Some characters on Gallifrey I made up, some I didn't.


6. Chapter 6

I stood there puzzled for a while, thinking about what he said. Susan's console? How could that help? Then I hit myself on the head.

"Ow! OH, goodie, I got it!" I said.

"Wait, I forgot," then I hit myself again. "Oh yeah, that's what it was!"

I ran over to Susan. "I know how to stop the Daleks!" I told her.

She perked up like a kitten. "Really? How?"

"I'm going to your help. And your console."

"Anything, grandfather."

We both put our hands on the console and flipped some levers and pushed some buttons and turned some dials. We were flown into the Vortex, that awful soul-burning effect back inside me. We appeared in the sky above the Daleks, who had all amassed outside my house. I switched to manual mode and flew the TARDIS down to them, holding onto the console for dear life. We crashed into the Daleks, there was an explosion, and everything went black.

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