The TARDIS and the Junkyard

This is the story of how the First Doctor and Susan first left Gallifrey; and more importantly, why he did!!! I have NEVER seen a First Doctor episode, so I'll probably get some stuff wrong. Bear with me.

I do not own the Doctor Who characters. Some characters on Gallifrey I made up, some I didn't.


1. Chapter 1

I slowly walked back home. I loved Arcadia. It was so...Gallifreyan. I looked over at the morgue and saw someone regenerate. He was obviously a TARDIS rider. I could never imagine it. Hopping into a box and...careering off to other planets and fighting...Daleks and Cybermen and Sontarans and who knows what else. Bah. I once rode a TARDIS. Took it all the way to Earth. The year 1880 something. Became a doctor for a bit. I got a bit...bored with Earth. I was young then...only 100. I had also visited the Medusa Cascade when I was 90. What a sight...

I spent a century or two on Earth. Came back to spend more time with my children. Except...they became TARDIS riders. Bought a TARDIS and went off into the wild Universe. I haven't seen them since. All I had left was their daughter...Susan. Oh, Susan.

Head in the clouds, she is. Her parents pawned her off to me. She was only 69 when they left...shameful, that's what it was. My parents left me when I was 80. Still a young age, though.

I unlocked the door to the tiny hut. Arcadia was big. Only Rassilon got something bigger than this. I opened the door into the huge living room. It seems everything is bigger on the inside nowadays. Susan was fiddling with nuts and bolts.

"Oh, Omega almighty," I muttered. "Susan, are you trying to make a TARDIS console again?"

"Yes, grandfather, I am," she said absentmindedly. "No matter what you say, I won't stop trying. I was able to go outside two hours in the future last night."

I chuckled. "You never cease to amuse me."

I grabbed the holo-news from outside. I skimmed some articles until...

"There was a Dalek attack  near the Sky-Trenches," I told Susan.

"Really?" she exclaimed. "What happened?"

"It was only three Daleks. They were destroyed with one those new anti-dalek guns. Five soldiers regenerated though. Some strategists believe the Daleks will try to invade again, in greater numbers."

"Oh, dear," said Susan, and went to back to work on her console.

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