Nialls forgoten sister! part 1

It's a story about Niall and a long lost sibling


2. finding her

Niall gets all the information he needs to find her and leaves straight away with the rest of the boys. 

Nevaeh lives in Dublin on ave street house #17835 when they arrive at her house they just sit there because there nervous to finally met nialls long lost sister. 

They go up to the house and ring the door bell when...

"hi how may I help you fellas." Nevaeh said "is nevaeh there." Niall said "yes I'm nevaeh." She said "I'm Niall now this might sound crazy to you but I'm your brother our parents put you up for adoption a year before I was born." He said "your right that does sound crazy now please leave." She said "wait I know that when you where born you only had 1 lung and a small hole in your heart if I wasn't your brother how would I know that." He said "your lieing and the only reason you know that is because your a stocker." She said 

nevaeh slammed the door in there face but they didn't stop there they wrote a note and slipped it under the door it had what motel they where staying at and nialls cell number and the note said if you want to know more about your self and me please call or stop by I'm not lying.

When Nevaeh's parents got home she ask them about what Niall said.

"Nevaeh my sweet angel I know that your confused right now but don't be everything will be alright okay." her mom said "Everything is not alright he knew things about me that I never told anyone before and he looked like me how do you explain that." she said "Okay go to your room and we will never speck about this again you understand me!" her mom said

 when she got to her room she packed her bag and ran to the motel where they where staying.

When they where at there motel they heard a knocking at there door..

"Hi you came." Niall said "Yes now you said you had information about me, I ask my parents about what you said and they got angry so I packed my bag and left for real answers". she said "what do you want to know." niall said "everything start from the begging to the now." she said "okay here it goes, I found a file with your closed adoption papers in it and a picture of you when you where 2 days old underneath it said Nevaeh angel Horan that's when I knew you had to be my sister, I ask our parents and that's when they told me you had 1 lung and a small heart in your heart and they didn't want you to die with them so they got rid of you, what about you what do you remember about your past." he said "I remember when I was 3 years old my parents brought me to a house with a file and they talked for hours about me and how everything's going to be from now on they also had a son who was 4 and he was playing with his toy guitar and singing we became friends that day but our parents said we couldn't and that's when we moved to Dublin and we never talked or saw them again, but I have a picture of us together." she said "that's me your with I remember it you called me nall and I called you ayah cause we couldn't pronounce each others names." 

After they talked they let her stay the night and Niall called his parents and told them to come to the motel, and Nevaeh told her parents to come as well.

The next day both there parents came Nevaeh's parents told nialls that they broke there deal and to never speck or come in contact with them again, as they left Nevaeh said that she doesn't want to leave her real family, then her parents said nothing and took her wrist and throw her in the car.........

the end the next book is coming soon hope you liked the first  




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