Nialls forgoten sister! part 1

It's a story about Niall and a long lost sibling


1. Niall finding out the secret

Niall says 

Niall was looking around he's house trying to find his file that he needed when he found a close adoption file so he opened it and read it, it said baby girl born 1993 and there was a picture it said 2 day old neveah horan.

"my parents are her parents, what why did they give her up though." He said 

Niall's parent came home and saw Niall with the file and said...

"Niall what are you doing with that your not suppose to have that!" Niall's mom said loudly  

"we'll I was looking for my file and I saw this what is this." Niall said while crying "it's nothing." She said "really because to me it looks like you had a baby girl a year before you had me and then got rid of her." Niall said "Niall it wasn't because we didn't want her and stop yelling at us it's not our fault okay, and we thought she was going to die any ways because she had 1 lung and a hole in her heart okay so we gave her to someone else because we didn't have the money to pay for things and we didn't want her to die with us okay." She said 

Niall ran out of the house and went to the bus station which took him to Harry's stepdads cabin and that's where he met the boys.

"Hey Niall what's up we've missed you." Harry said "I have a sister." He whispered "really tell us everything lad." Zayn said " okay I was looking for my stuff when I found this file that said closed adoption and read everything and there was a picture of her only 2 days old which I took her she is her name is nevaeh horan my parents got rid of her because she had 1 lung and a small hole in her heart I mean that's no reason to get rid of a small baby right." Niall said "yeah that's not right I'm guessing you want to find her right."Liam said "yeah I'm going to find her no matter how it takes I'll find her will you guys help."Niall said "yes well all help you."they all said

They go back to nialls house to get the file and ask who they gave nevaeh to so they can find her faster....




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