A Distant Song: An Heir of Fire Inspired Novella

Celeana has held many secrets close to her heart, but one has haunted her consciousness for years - when the little robin ceased to sing.

[Yeah, so this is my Heir of Fire competition entry I hope you like it, admittedly I'm kind-of nervous because I've never really put my writing out there before so yeah... enjoy!]


1. >1<

The storm came so suddenly it was almost as though an eclipse of the sun had taken place, darkening the entirety of the Meah docks and stretching to the Oakwald Forest. The waves roared with a fearsome sound that shook all the ships in the harbor, attacking the shoreline like a rabid beast.

The rain created dark spots on Celeana’s jade cloak as she stood watching over the scene of chaos that had broken. Turning her back on the shore, and keeping the harbor to her right, she was enveloped by the narrow walkways that surrounded the outskirts of Meah. Her heeled boots were tapping slightly on the cobbled streets that were already streaming with rainwater.

 “Blast,” she muttered when she stepped in a puddle and dampened the hem of her dress. Never mind that, she had more important things on her mind. Treading up an incline Celeana’s face was clouded with an emotion she herself could not name. Suddenly a shadow passed over her, but she had not heard any footsteps. In a moment a blade was in her hand, her back to the wall of the house behind her, searching the darkening shadows for any sign of an attacker. When none presented themselves she straightened out from the defensive position she had been holding and slipped the blade in-between the folds of her dress, comforted by the feel of cold steel by her ribs.

Celeana continued on her way, more alert, and arrived at The Black Widow – the inn, or rather brothel, where she was staying for the remainder of her mission - within mere minutes. She welcomed the warm air the burst out to greet her when she walked through the entrance, nodding towards the old barmaid who gave her the stank eye for treading in mud. Throwing back her hood and pushing away a few strands of hair that had escaped her braid, Celeana made her way up the rickety staircase to her room, passing a few girls, not much older than her, who bore rouge on their cheeks and strutted with faux confidence. She reminded herself why she had to stay in such an unsavory place instead of renting her own apartment for the weeks she was to stay in Meah.

Shutting the door to her room, she sighed, flinging her cloak to the floor before going about lighting a fire. Once the timber had caught she rested on the balls of her feet, seeing much more than dancing flames in the hearth. Shaking her head Celeana stripped herself of her weapons, dumping them on the bed, wincing as the mattress creaked loudly. 

[This is a work in progress, so please do keep in mind that it is not finished yet and has not been edited!!!]

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