Fallen from heaven

Carrie Angel moves to a small town of Moxly in th South of Wales. As soon as she starts school, she has a crush on the most popular boy in school. But he's already taken by Janice McRally. But every other boy in school asks her out within the first week. She has no idea what to do, but to wait until Janice breaks up with him...


6. Chapter 5-P.A.R.T.Y?! 'Cause I Gotta!

On the bus home, I sat next to Janice and tried to ignore the girl that I saw this morning. Janice pulled her phone out of her pocket and put on a song, I didn't know it to start with, but when it got to the chorus, I started singing along with the other girls.

"This kiss is something I can't resist, your lips are undeniable. This kiss is something I can't risk, your lips are undeniable!" Danny watched me and Janice dance like weirdos while becoming really good friends. All of a sudden he walked up the aisle, to me, Janice and the other girls.

"Me and my bros are having a party tonight, wanna come?" It mainly looked like he was mainly looking at me. I looked at Janice, wondering if I should go. She nodded, all the other girls agreed, but I didn't know where his house was.

"Where do you live?" I asked, he made the other girls budge up so he could sit next to me.

"I'll pick you up at seven." He insisted, he leaned back against the seat and put his arm around me, after doing that cute, fake yawn. I laughed silently and I carried on talking to Janice. While Danny kept trying to get my attention.

As soon as I got home I saw a note taped to my bedroom,

"Gone for a long holiday, be back in two weeks." Oh my god, I'm on my own for two weeks, this is going to be incredible. Especially tonight, when Danny asked me, my heart went racing, my first day was defiantly better than I though it was going to be.

I didn't know if it was a dressy up party so I decided to go with a pink crop top with a little tie up at the bottom and white buttons, black short, shorts and my black high top converse. I placed my phone in my back pocket and waited for Danny to come. 6:45. I forgot to my hair, I raced up to the dresser and grabbed my hairbrush. I brushed all the 'rats tales' out my hair and I put it into a high pony tail. It looked really nice and I decided to put some more mascara and lipgloss on. 7:00, dead on seven I heard my door bell ring the most annoying sound in the history of the world. I raced downstairs and opened the door. Making sure my phone was in my pocket I walked out to Danny's car, after locking the door.

"Hey beautiful." He greeted, did everyone say that over here, or was he just being polit? I blushed and put my seat belt on,

"Hey handsome." I smiled as I looked out the large window, trying not to look at him, I kept laughing inside my head, his laughing didn't help me trying to contain myself. He pulled away swiftly and in a few minutes we were at his Ouse, it was huge. Trees surrounding the pathway and a mini waterfall on the edge of the front garden. He came round to my door and opened it for me. I smiled at him, he smiled back at me. Oh my god, his smile was just as gorgeous as he was!

We walked into the party together and the music was so loud it was making my heart thump. There wasn't as many people as I thought there was going to be, there must of been about sixty people, all jumping in time to the music. A few people kissed if in random corners and sometimes you would accidentally walk into a bed room and realise it was occupied. Janice came bouncing up to me with a drink,

"Has this got alcohol in it?" I asked, I thought it had but I just wanted to make sure. Janice nodded, she took a sip of hers before going towards a boy to the left of me. She wrapped her free arm around his neck and kissed him passionately. I laughed, I looked at my drink and decided to drink it, dad couldn't do anything about it, so I was going to have the best night of my life tonight. I bounced around introducing myself to some people. Until I came across Justin sitting in a corner, looking as drunk as anything, I walked towards him with a glass of water.

"Hey." I sat down next to him and took the bottle of beer he had, out of his hand. I placed the water in his hand instead. He nodded, as to say hi. I swayed my head in time to the beat until he said something.

"Your so beautiful." He complemented, my eyes widened,

"Thanks." I looked towards him and he looked like he was about to kiss me. He put the glass down and wrapped a arm around me. Justin pulled me closer to him and I was struggling to get out of his grip.

"Get off me, Justin! Get off!" I screamed at the top of my lings, sort of panicking now. My heart was racing, I didn't like Justin like that. He was just a friend, that's all.

"Get off her Justin." A familiar voice shouted as he pulled Justin off me, I looked up at his face, Danny. He saved me, but how did he know I was there. Oh well. I didn't care, I just didn't want to kiss Justin. It was just because he was drunk and I didn't want to kiss him, if he wasn't going to remember it tommorrow. I jumped up and wrapped my arms around my hero, he wrapped his arms around me to. He carried me to a room to console me. I was tearing up into his shirt. I didn't want to ruin it though, it was such a nice one. Danny placed me down on a bed and sat next to me.

"What happened?"

"He just tried to kiss me."

"Why didn't you want to kiss him? He's a nice bloke."

"Because, he's drunk he wouldn't remember it tommorrow." I admitted to Danny, it must of sounded weird but his reaction shocked me.

"I'm not." He leaned in towards me and my heart went racing, what should I do?

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