Fallen from heaven

Carrie Angel moves to a small town of Moxly in th South of Wales. As soon as she starts school, she has a crush on the most popular boy in school. But he's already taken by Janice McRally. But every other boy in school asks her out within the first week. She has no idea what to do, but to wait until Janice breaks up with him...


5. Chapter 4- Science

"Sit next to Justin." Mr, Lace asked as he pointed to a boy at the back. I looked at a boy with dirty blonde hair, with a gelled up quiff and bright blue eyes. Why does Moxly have such cute boys. Justin smirked at me as he pulled my chair out for me. I smirked back him, feeling actually quite excited that this is the second nice boy I've met, and it's only eleven-a-clock.

"So, after going into the small intestine, where does the food go then?" Mr, Lace asked as he pointed to Justin for the second time today. I watched Justin flip through his book for an answer.

"It goes into the large intestine, where it soaks up all the water." He answered. Justin noticed me staring.

"Are you alright?" He asked as he tucked a loose bit of hair behind my ear. His hands felt warm and it felt like I was safe when I was with him. Through his clingy t-shirt I could see his six pack and I felt like I was drooling. Oh my god. This had never actually happened to me before. All the guys at my old school were weird and annoying.

"So, do you feel like going out this weekend?" The dude in front of me turned around and asked. Danny looked at him, confused and a little bit angry. I could say that he was a little bit jealous...

So, I know this is a really short chapter to get to know Justin, but on first basis, who do you like best? Comment, Team Danny or Team Justin? Please tell me, then I can have Carries biggest crush as them. Come on! Stop reading and comment, Team Danny\Justin?!

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