Fallen from heaven

Carrie Angel moves to a small town of Moxly in th South of Wales. As soon as she starts school, she has a crush on the most popular boy in school. But he's already taken by Janice McRally. But every other boy in school asks her out within the first week. She has no idea what to do, but to wait until Janice breaks up with him...


4. Chapter 3- Break

The bell rung and I sprang up, bored of this classroom already. All I could hear as I sat there was the teachers fast typing on the computer. She said goodbye as I walked out the door. I ignored her as I didn't really want to talk to her. All of a sudden a rush of people came flooding out of the other classroom doors. I stood there, in silence as I heard loads of people conversations, 
"What colour should I wear?"
"Tell James I like him."
"Aw, he was so cute." 
"Wanna go to the cinema?" 
After the people started thin out I started walking really fast, along with the other crazy people. 
After I got outside I looked at where all the other people were going. The cafeteria. Where all the cliques would hang out on their separate tables. I could tell who was not popular on my way there. They were sitting on the grass and moaning about their high-tech camera, not working. I walked into the double doors and it looked like all hell broke loose. People were standing in tables screaming to their followers. Different music was blaring from six different phones. People were starting food fights and the teachers huddled up in corners trying not to get hit by the flying pizza. I looked around and I only just heard my name being screamed by someone on the other side of this terror they call a cafeteria. I looked and it was that popular girl I met on the bus, she said she would save me a seat, she did. She was waving her arms around, trying to hold the seat before someone took it to throw at someone. I dodged a bunch of people arguing which was the best Sci-Fi movie of 2013. When I finally got there I wiped a load of pizza crumbs off my seat and sat down, aware of my surroundings, I knew that the only normal table was the popular table. Well, as normal as you could get. There was a bunch of people kissing at the end of the long table, well, hey, why not? 
"How are you?!" The girl asked as she tried to take a sip of her diet coke, instead someone took it and threw it at the person next to them. I shrugged at her question, not feeling the best at the moment. 
"I'm Janice, what's your name?" She exclaimed, I could hardly make out what she was actually saying. I would actually prefer being in Pompeii when the volcano exploded. Well, actually it's sort of the same...
"I'm Carrie, I'm from Essex." I shouted at her as she looked at her colourful nails. 
"Where's that?" 
"Near London." The noise started to die down and before I knew it, all the girls were staring at the double doors. I followed their gaze and that cute boy from before was coming, he was probably coming towards me and Janice. If I could tell, Janice was probably the queen bee of Moxly High. He came walking and he came and budged someone off their seat to sit next to me. 
"Jan, did I leave my watch at yours last night?" He asked, she smiled and dug inside her bag. So, this probably means that their going out. Great. She brought a solid gold watch out her designer bag and handed it to him. 
"Thanks." He tried to put it on, but he could do the latch on it. He pushed it towards me, I guessed I had to help him. I put my hands under the watch and did the simple latch. He nodded in appreciation. 
"Who's this?" He questioned to Janice as he nodded towards me. I giggled silently to myself. Thinking Janice was going to answer, but I had to. People from Moxly were defiantly very strange. 
"Oh, I'm Carrie, Carrie Angel." I smiled and he nodded at my name. This dude defiantly liked nodding to himself. Janice got up and headed towards a boy on the other side of the table. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek. 
"So, where do you come from? Wait- I know here your from. Your from Heaven." He laughed, he was really funny. I smiled and he stared into my eyes, so dreamy. I guessed that Janice and this boy weren't going out tonight. 
"I'm Danny." He introduced himself and he took his hand and placed it in mine, he lifted my hand up and kissed it. I giggled, no one would do that in Essex. These people are crazy but some are really nice. The bell rang and I remembered I had Science with Mr. Lace. So did Danny...


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