Fallen from heaven

Carrie Angel moves to a small town of Moxly in th South of Wales. As soon as she starts school, she has a crush on the most popular boy in school. But he's already taken by Janice McRally. But every other boy in school asks her out within the first week. She has no idea what to do, but to wait until Janice breaks up with him...


3. Chapter 2- The Message

I took my phone out of my pocket and I thought it was going to be a message from my dad, saying, 
"Good luck cupcake." But surprisingly, it wasn't. I felt my heart pound and I bet I looked like a crazy person just standing in the middle of the path way, people trying to walk past me. I read the message over again, to make sure I read it properly the first time. 
"Hey gurl, I hope we can still be good friends after this, but I'm breaking up with you. Hope you have a gr8 time at ur new school." My boyfriend-ex- boyfriend texted me. I took a deep breath in and it was basically a sign that I seriously shouldn't bother going to school today. It's just going to be the worst day ever. I shoved my phone back into my back pocket. I slowly walked to the reception, hoping they could tell me where to go, like a timetable. 
"I'm sorry darling," the receptionist told me as she quickly typed something on her computer before looking at me, "you go to your tutor, where did you say it was?" The black haired woman asked as she typed in my name into a column on the computer. 
"9CE." I stated, trying to remember the load of rubbish Suzy told me, that would of been helpful in this situation. 
"Your in room V1. Down the hall, to your left, round the cafeteria. You'll see a sign saying IT, walk into that door and go up the stairs to you left. Go through the double doors and then it's the first door to your left." The woman made some incredibly long directions but I'm sure I'll find my way, some how. 
After half an hour, I've ended up in a chemistry lesson and an assembly. It seemed the receptionists directions were as thorough as I thought they were. 
"Oh, the IT sign." I said to myself, knowing no one was around to hear me. I pushed open the double doors and I looked to my right to find the stairs the woman was talking about. I walked up the flight of stairs and found another double door. Right I seem to be going the right way. The same I thought with the other two rooms, which were a huge fail. I found a room, V1, yes! This time I defiantly had it. I knocked on the door with a sign saying, 
"Welcome to 9CE." I thought it was a bit weird for a high school, I had that sort of thing when I was in year 4. But oh well. 
"Come on in." A females voice spoke, I entered the room, peering my head round first, to see what she looked like. She was a blonde haired woman, with a black bow on an alice band, sitting on the top of her head. Her skin looked pale against the dull, grey walls. She reminded me a lot of a pixie. 
"Hello, I'm Miss, England." She introduced as she held her hand out for me to shake it. I shook her hand like she expected and stepped back a few feet so she could have some space. That's what I hate most, people invading my personal space. 
"Are you new?" I nodded at Miss England's question, we call them Miss and Mr over here? In my old school we call them Mam and Sir. I shrugged that thought off and she filed through a pile of paperwork. 
"Here's your timetable. It's second lesson, so you might as well wait here until first break." She insisted, I took a seat at the back of the room, so I could read the boards at the back of the room. I nearly sat down on a chair but I realised that it had gum on it. I pushed it back under and I pulled out the one next to it. That one was fine, I took a seat and I got reading a project by a Danny Watson, it was about the amount of girls who wear too much make up for his liking. A+. Wow, who knew some girls could get someone such a high grade? 


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