Fallen from heaven

Carrie Angel moves to a small town of Moxly in th South of Wales. As soon as she starts school, she has a crush on the most popular boy in school. But he's already taken by Janice McRally. But every other boy in school asks her out within the first week. She has no idea what to do, but to wait until Janice breaks up with him...


2. Chapter 1-New Day

"Carrie! Get up! Big day today!" My dad yelled from the bottom of the spiral stairs, about to go to work. I rolled over, not wanting to go to the dull school of Moxly High. I hate it and I bet all the people are going to be as boring as the school they go to. I hopped out my bed, I might as well get this day over and done with. I rubbed my eyes and looked out the window. I saw my step mum kiss my dad goodbye. She wore a bland dressing gown and white backless slippers. This was going to be a very long day...

After I'd got dressed into a pink crop top and ripped, dark blue jeans, I put on my black converse. Maybe my outfit might just brighten up this town a bit. Even though I was going to hate it, I was actually quite nervous, I want to make at least one friend, so then at lunch, I'm not going to be a loner. At my old school I was actually really popular, I don't want to toot my own horn but I really was. I rushed downstairs putting on some strawberry lip balm, it made my lips shiny! My step mum, Suzy watched me enter the kitchen from the living room. Ever since she's known me, she's been trying to get to know me, but I keep refusing. She asked me if I wanted to be her maid of honour at their wedding. I looked at her sipping her coffee. Didn't she have be at work? Suzy had a very high paying job as a model. She's in all the major magazines and she feels uncomfortable seeing herself on my magazines. When I'm trying to read the summer fashion line, she snatches it out my hand and tosses it in the bin. If your not going to let people look at you, don't be a model! I grabbed a box of raspberries out the fridge that dad bought for me yesterday. I opened it and picked the best looking one and placed it on my tongue. The sweetness instantly ran through my body. I then felt like I could do anything.

"The bus is here love!" Suzy shouted as she covered the speaker on her phone, she was probably calling her agent, asking him to make her better at her job. I could do her job with my eyes closed. I grabbed my pink backpack and swung it over my right shoulder. She called goodbye and I slammed the door shut without saying it back. I strutted towards the bus and all the people crowded at one side of the window to see the 'new girl'.

I had no problem finding a seat on the bus. I could tell that the popular people were at the back, so I found a seat next to a girl with black silky hair and hazel eyes.

"Hey girl!" She shouted in my ear, I guess I shouldn't of sat next to her. I nodded at her, being slightly polite. She pulled something out her bag and shoved it in my face. I snatched it her hand, this girl was really annoying me now! I read it,

"Awesome Party at Moxly High yard. Hope you can be there!" The flyer said, the girl behind me took it out my hand and threw it on the floor. She was sort of like me, bleach blonde hair but she had this evil look in her eye.

"If you want to be popular, then you don't go to that party. You should hang out with the right people. You wanna hang out with us?" She gestured around her, at a group of girls and a boy, sitting back against the seat. Texting. He was totally gorgeous. He wore a black shirt with the top button undone and blue jeans. He also wore black converse, just like me. Then I snapped back into reality,

"Hanging out with you is what I've always dreamed of." I said in a sarcastic tone, but I guess she didn't understand sarcasm.

"Awesome, I'll save a seat for you at lunch." She winked and turned round and the boy and peered over her shoulder. That was lunch seat sorted. I rolled my eyes and I saw the girl next to me stuffing the flyer back into her bag.

"I'm Rebecca." She introduced, I nodded and pursed my lips.

When I finally got to school, it wasn't that busy. The people were staring at me and that gorgeous boy walked past me and he had the greatest smell. But I couldn't have a boyfriend yet, I've only just started. My phone buzzed in my pocket, I grabbed it out and I read the message that really changed my day... Not in a good way...

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