Blood Of Olympus Ending


1. Percy


The war was over, we had finished dealing with the giants and Gaia was back asleep for what was estimated at another two thousand years. I was ecstatic and so was everyone else it seemed. I hugged Annabeth, happy about our victory over what was our biggest enemy yet. Leo high fived Jason, a massive, almost comical smile on his face. I let go of Annabeth, happy to see that we had all made it through alive. We all had a few minor injuries; cuts and bruises but not much else. “So, we made it.” Leo says, pointing out the obvious. “Yeah.” Piper says. I think we were all grateful to be alive.

None of us noticed it at first, but when I did notice the dark shape moving up behind Annabeth, it was too late. “Annabeth, look out!” I yelled, hoping there would be time for her to turn and battle whatever was behind her. But there was no time. Just as the words left my mouth, a thick, hairy, stick like thing came protruding out of Annabeth’s chest. I could just about make out what it was now that had attacked Annabeth. It was big and hairy with lots of legs. It was Arachne. The blood spilled out of Annabeth’s wound and she coughed up blood to accompany it. Arachne pulled her leg from Annabeth, letting her fall to the floor. “I’ve finally got you, child of Athena.” Arachne proclaimed. My companions all jumped on the spider at once, wishing to kill it for what it had done to Annabeth. I had no wish to fight. I knelt on the floor next to Annabeth who was still alive, but only just. I turned her over onto her back and pulled her up onto my knee, cradling her in my arms. The blood was spreading across my lap but I didn’t care. “Annabeth, stay with me. We’ll get you back to camp. We can use the fleece.” I say, tears beginning to roll down my cheeks. “P-percy, I won’t last that long. You know that.” She says, although I can tell it’s hard for her to speak. “I know.” I say, more tears coming now that I had realised the truth. It was like a waterfall coming from my eyes. Annabeth lifted her hand and placed it on my cheek. “I always loved you Seaweed Brain.” She says, a playful smile on her face. I smiled back through the tears, and I saw her eyes glaze over, and I saw her chest stop rising, and I felt her pulse stop. I watched her die. I was crying as much as humanely possible, my companions all stood over me and her. Their faces had fallen. Our moment of success and celebration had been abruptly cut off by Annabeth’s murder. I planted a kiss on her cold forehead, although I knew it was too late to show her any affection now. “I love you too.” I reply to the dead girl in my arms. 

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