Always Ginny

Ginnys last year at Hogwarts but how will she cope without her beloved Harry?


11. The night to remember

Ginny and Harry were so happy they were married.They started thanking everyone for coming.

Everyone took their seats for the feast.After everyone had ate enough,Arthur Weasley had the first toast.

"Well today has been one of the happiest yet hardest days of my life,giving away my little pumpkin pie,It was hard but I love Harry like a son,I fought with Harry in battle and whether use all know this or not but Harry saved my life from the Dark Lord.The second Harry came to me asking for Ginny's hand in marriage I granted him permission almost immediately,Harry saved us all,you don't get a better young man.Harry,me and Molly have watched you grow over the past 9 years and we love you like one of our own sons.To Harry and Ginny"

"Thankyou Sir" Harry said,Hagrid gave the next toast.

"Well Harry is like the son I never had,I was the first magical folk he had met,he was shocked really.When I told him he was a wizard his face was a blank picture.Back then I never would of thought Harry would be capable of doing all the things he has done,Harry all of us owe you our life's,you saved us all.Yes many died fighting,Moody,Fred,Remus,Tonks and of course Sirius and your parents.We thought we lost you Harry.I think all of us thankyou.Some of the sacrifices you made to help us are.I know Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is smiling down at you.To Harry!"

Everyone cheered for Harry " thanks that really means a lot" said Harry trying not to cry.

There was one more toast that had to be done from Ron.

"As you know Harry,Hermione and I are the Golden Trio,my two best friends,Harry you would of saved all of us a lot of trouble if you didn't come to Hogwarts but I'm glad you did because my sister wouldn't be the amazing women she is today,and I wouldn't be engaged to the most amazing women in the world;Hermione.Take care of my sister Potter.To Harry and Ginny"

Arthur announced the first dance.Harry couldn't dance and not could Ginny."Why dancing,couldn't it be quidditch?"Harry said sarcastically.Ginny laughed"it's because they know I would whip your ass at that Potter" Harry smirked"Ginerva Ginerva when will you learn,Potter is your name aswell."They smiled at each other,they hadn't even noticed that they were dancing and everyone was dancing with them now,it was amazing...

Minerva McGonagall approached Ginny and Harry."I am so proud of both of yous,I remember I seen use both as children and now yous are married.Congratulations!" She looked like a loving grandparent,both Harry and Ginny had seen her bad side but now she looked so soft.Harry took Ginny's hand "thankyou professor"Harry said.McGonagall nodded her petit head and then walked on.

"I love you Mrs Potter"said Harry with ex aspiration in his voice."I love you too Mrs Potter"replied Ginny.Just as Harry was about to kiss Ginny Draco Malfoy walked over,"Congratulations,Harry I am sorry about everything that happened,I was hoping we could put it all behind us and be friends?"Harry nodded and then shook Dracos hand,there was no more hatred.Life was finally perfect.

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