Always Ginny

Ginnys last year at Hogwarts but how will she cope without her beloved Harry?


8. The last announcement

Today was the day Harry and Ginny we're telling the school about their engagement.Ginny was really nervous where as Harry was filled with motivation.

It was 7 o'clock and everyone had finished eating Professor McGonnagal announced that "Professor Potter" had an announcement to make.

"Hi,I know this year has been strange as I'm now your teacher,but I'm still Harry just Harry.Ron,Hermione and I are still as close as ever,and I'm still in love with one amazing girl."-Harry stared at Ginny as did the rest of the hall-she was bright red-she looked cute when she was embarrassed Harry thought. "anyway there is an event that is going to take place here in Hogwarts.I bet use are all wondering what I am doing up here,well during the Chrismas Holidays I done something amazing that I never thought I was capable of doing,I asked Ginny to marry me,and she said yes!"

Everyone in the hall started to cheer and clap,all of the teachers were on their feet and congratulating Harry.Ginny ran up to Harry and hugged him hard "I love you Potter" Harry grimaced " I love you too Weasley".

Hagrid walked up to the pair of them and congratulated them both.Hagrid practically lifted Harry of the ground and held him close like a child.Everyone was ecstatic.The chosen one was getting married it was amazing.Slughorn approached the happy couple,"congratulations!two of my best students,I could not be any more happier for use!" He embraced them in a tight hug and then moved on.Harry was relieved all the announcements were done he was free to get married.

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