Always Ginny

Ginnys last year at Hogwarts but how will she cope without her beloved Harry?


15. The decision🌟

Ginny was now 7 month pregnant.She had decided she didn't want to know what she was having (boy or girl).

Harry and Ginny were lying on their bed discussing baby names.

"I think if it's a boy he should be called Harry" said Ginny,"or James "Harry added."what about Sirius?I knew how much he means to you"Ginny replied,Harry smiled a cute little smile "Jirius!" He shouted.Ginny laughed"what is James Sirius to subtle for you?"she asked.Harry shrugged. He really liked James Sirius. "What if its a girl" Harry asked."Lily or Luna or Hermione" she announced. "Yeah their all amazing"Harry smiled.

Ginny turned the light of an went to sleep.Harry was hugging her tight,feeling the baby bump he was so excited to see his child.

"Babe wake up!"Ginny whispered really loudly.It was still dark,what was wrong?Harry thought."What's up?"He asked,"the baby's kicking"Ginny lifted Harry's arm onto Ginny's stomach.It was kicking,quite hard actually,Harry was amazed by this.Harry started laughing and then Ginny did do."it's amazing"Harry said.He hadn't realised he was talking quite loud.The door opened,in walked Ron and Hermione they looked half dead,Ron was wearing boxers and a top and Hermione,pink lacy lingerie with a pink eye mask on her head."what are use laughing at"Ron said turning on the light."The baby it's kicking"Harry said.Hermione ran over and placed her hands on Ginny,"Ron come and see"Hermione shouted."I will stay over here thanks,their in the same bed"Ginny laughed "Bloody hell Ron how do you think I ended up pregnant by holding Harry's hand,you have came in on a good night!"Harry decided to join in " yeah we are both almost fully covered under here,add a few more layers"Ginny and Harry both laughed.Ron was bright red,even Hermione was laughing at him."come on Ron it's not as if we don't sleep naked together." Harry looked like he was was ready to faint "okay use are my best friends it's kinda weird when you's discuss your sex life" Ron chuckled" that's my sister you knocked up you twat"they were now all laughing."Anyone for butter beer?"Ginny asked trying to change the subject.Ron smiled,he grabbed Hermiones hand,"we will leave use to get ready"he said.Harry shouted back "You's could do the same"Ginny and Harry continued to laugh.

"So have you's got any names yet?"Hermione said Ginny smiled,"Yeah if it's a boy James Sirius" Harry continued "and if it's a girl,Lily,Luna or Hermione." A tear came to Hermiones eye,"use would name your child after me?" Harry smiled "well yeah we don't know yet though."The four of them got talking about the future.Ron and Hermione were talking about their wedding and about how they want two children.Harry thought it was strange having these sort of conversations with his two best friends but he didn't care,they were his best friends he loved the two of them no matter what.

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