Always Ginny

Ginnys last year at Hogwarts but how will she cope without her beloved Harry?


6. The big announcement💍

Harry and Ginny walked downstairs hand in hand.She was nervous to tell her parents,they obviously knew it would happen as Harry said he had asked.

There was music playing and the atmosphere in the room was quite happy,even George had a glass of fire whiskey in his hand and was smiling.Ginny turned the music down and said they had an announcement to make.Everyone went quite and stared directly at the two of them.Harry was nervous,he felt full of anxiety."Well what is it?"Mrs Weasley said,Harry and Ginny smiled at each other,Harry gave Ginny's hand a squeeze to assure her everything was okay."Harry and I are getting married!"Everyone froze for a second then they all started cheering.Hermione ran to them and started hugging both of them,Ron obviously hadn't told her.Mr Weasley approached them and shook Harry's hand,"I'm proud to call you my son in law Harry,I know you will treat my Princess right." Harry shook his head."Ginny what about school" Mrs Weasley interrupted."I'm going to finish school first mum,I can't just marry my Professor!"Everyone laughed,it was the first time everyone was happy for a long time

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