Always Ginny

Ginnys last year at Hogwarts but how will she cope without her beloved Harry?


14. Muggle life

Ginny was going for her first scan.St Mungos was a long way away from Grimauld Place and Ginny was terrified of apparition.Hermione suggested going to a Muggle Hospital so the next day Harry and Ginny set of for the hospital.

Ginny felt strange lying on a hospital bed wearing a little blue gown,Harry couldn't help but laugh at her facial expressions when she seen what she was wearing in the mirror.The doctor came in with a machine that Ginny was fascinated with.The muggle must of thought she was slightly delusional.

The scan proceeded,the Doctor seemed really happy with the baby's little tiny heart beat.Harry thought it was amazing how he could see his unborn child on a little screen.Ginny squeezed Harry's and "that's our baby" she said,her eyes were watering."So have you's been together long"the doctor asked,"Yeah 4 years,we got married in April."Ginny said."Ah congratulations" the doctor said.Ginny was proud of herself,she just had her first muggle conversation.

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