Always Ginny

Ginnys last year at Hogwarts but how will she cope without her beloved Harry?


7. McGonnagal😁

The Hogwarts express departed with both Harry and Ginny on board.Harry was supervising the train,he was sitting in his old compartment,it felt strange without Ron and Hermione.Ginny sat beside him with her legs crossed on the seat beside her,she was mesmerised,staring at her ring.Luna entered the compartment,Ginny sat up straight"hey Lune".Luna smiled,"hello Ginny,Professor" Harry smirked "Luna I may be your teacher but we were friends long before that please just call me Harry"Luna nodded,she lowered her head slightly and seen a diamond nestled on Ginny's finger,She smiled from cheek to cheek" you's are getting married!"Harry and Ginny linked hands,"yeah we are" Harry said in a cheery tone.

The whole school gathered in the great hall for dinner.Proffesor McGonnagal announced the following events which would take place through out the year.Everyone started to exit the hall "Miss Weasley, a moment"Harry held back

"You to Proffesor Potter"

"It has come to my notice that you two are getting married are you sure this is the right decision whilst Miss Weasley you are still in school?" "yes professor,I love him" Ginny screeched."I can see that Miss Weasley,Potter do you have anything to say?" Harry nodded "yes,I love Ginny and if I could marry her tomorrow I would,please Professor can you support our choices" Professor McGonnagal looked heart warmed,"yous can get married here in this school at anytime you want"Harry and Ginny smiled "Thankyou" they both said at once"now Miss Weasley on you go up to your dorm" Ginny nodded then kissed Harry softly

McGonnagal hugged Harry "I'm proud of you Harry."

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