Always Ginny

Ginnys last year at Hogwarts but how will she cope without her beloved Harry?


16. Its time💭

Ginny was almost 9 month pregnant,she was expecting the baby any week now.She was absolutely massive.Harry and run had decorated the nursery for the baby.They done it by hand,without magic.It was a sunshine yellow colour,very bright,vibrant.There was a white crib sitting in the middle of the room with white wooden drawers.Their was also a rocking chair,a lot of toys,a wardrobe and on the wall a broomstick about 1 metre long.

Everyone was at the burrow for dinner.Ginny was talking to George and Angelina about the baby and how excited she was.Harry was having a conversation with Mr and Mrs Weasley about the baby,everyone was talking about the baby really.

"Harry" Ginny yelled across the room.Harry darted over like an Olympian to Ginny's side."Babe what's wrong?"Harry asked."It's the baby I think it's coming." "How can you tell?"George asked curiously "the doctor said I would know as I would be in pain."she replied."We need to get you to the hospital"Harry said" Ginny shook her head."I'm not apparating there Potter"Ginny cried out obviously in pain."This is your fault Harry"she screamed.She grabbed Harry's hand she was breathing heavily.She have out this huge roar of pain."Ginny dear we need to get you to the hospital"Mrs Weasley said quietly."I know this mum,but how?"Ginny said."We could fly?"Ron said.Everyone looked at him like he was an idiot"Of course Ron the car it can get us there in no time.It was later on in the evening so hopefully there wouldn't be a lot of muggles around.

Arthur and Molly Weasley,Ron,Harry and Ginny were in the car.Behind their was Hermione,George,Bill and Percy on brooms.

Ginny and Harry ran through the hospital doors,with the rest of the family trailing behind.Harry and Ginny we're took of in to a room.Everyone else stood outside the room patiently waiting.

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