Always Ginny

Ginnys last year at Hogwarts but how will she cope without her beloved Harry?


17. it's here👶

Ginny nestled her little baby boy close to her as Harry leaned over her staring at his little bundle of joy.He was perfect actually better than perfect.He had Harry's eyes.The nurse came in and asked if they wanted the rest of the family in.Ginny nodded.Harry was now holding the baby.The family entered the room,everyone was quite,Mr and Mrs Weasley idolised over their first grand child."What's he called?"Molly asked,Harry and Ginny looked at each other,Ginny nodded,"James Sirius Potter" Harry said.Arthur smiled."I like it"he said.

It was a week after James Sirius was born.Harry,Ginny,James Sirius,Ron and Hermione were home were they belonged.Ginny was getting used to having a baby and so was Harry.It turned out Ron was a good uncle and Hermione was really good with babies.Harry adored his little boy,knowing that he had a full life with him was amazing.

"What day is it today?"Ginny asked Harry "July 30th"he said."How would you like to go back to Hogwarts for your birthday?"Ginny asked."Harry nodded,"yeah great,we can take James."

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