Always Ginny

Ginnys last year at Hogwarts but how will she cope without her beloved Harry?


9. It's almost time🕒

Ginny paced up and down the room of requirement-her dressing room-today was the day she would become Mrs Potter.

Hermione Waltzed through the door" here's your dress".Ginny hung her dress up and sat on her seat.Hermione was doing her nails,Fleur her makeup and Mrs Weasley her hair.

"So are you nervous?"Hermione asked "a little,ok a lot" Ginny replied in a subtle tone."don't be everything will be fine Gin,you and Harry are going to look adorable standing in the alter together"Mrs Weasley added.Ginny smiled and then took her mothers hand."Tonight my baby is going to become a women"Mrs Weasley looked faint."Ginny burst out laughing"I'm already a women mum that boat left ages ago"

Fleur,Ginny and Hermione laughed.This day was going to be perfect!

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