Always Ginny

Ginnys last year at Hogwarts but how will she cope without her beloved Harry?


2. Ginny's Surprise

Ginny was standing outside her defence against the dark arts class waiting on their new teacher.There were a lot of remarks on "was he going to be hot" or "was he a goblin"

The door opened and there stood Harry Potter!Harry motioned everyone into the class and as Ginny walked past their eyes locked she looked shocked.

"Hello class I will be your Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher this year,I will be teaching you at a NEWT level.This year I will be teaching you's advanced magic and how to protect yourself in the wizard world." said Harry.

Harry started his lesson,he was teaching the class how to make a patronus.The class were writing and talking quite loudly which Harry was rather happy about.Harry walked over to Ginny's desk,everyone starting whistling and cooing but they didn't care."Hey Professor Potter" said Ginny tugging on his tie,"you look hot in your robes"Ginny whispered.Harry sniggered.They hadn't noticed but the whole class had went quite,"just kiss and get it over with" yelled a slytherin boy,Harry backed off."Miss Weasley detention tonight my office after dinner"said Harry through laughter."Yes Proffessor"

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