Always Ginny

Ginnys last year at Hogwarts but how will she cope without her beloved Harry?


13. Ginny's secret

The school year had finished,Harry was no longer teaching at Hogwarts,Harry,Ginny,Hermione and Ron had moved into 12 grimauld place.It was no longer the noble house of black,the whole house had been refurbished and changed it looked so different.The black family tree still remained and the picture of Phineas Nigellus thankfully they had gotten rid of Sirius mother with a surprising help from Kreacher.

Ginny was over two month pregnant,she still hadn't told her family.Hermione knew because she caught Ginny brewing yet another pregnancy potion.Ginny made her promise to keep it from Ron.

The whole family was coming over for dinner and Harry told Ginny she should tell her family and that he will be there with her to help.

Hermione and Ginny were serving dinner at the table,the whole family was engaged in conversation.

After dinner Ginny stood up."Harry and I have an announcement" the table went quite,Ginny's heart was pounding on her chest."I'm pregnant"

Everything was silent.Harry squeezed Ginny's hand.Arthur Weasley had went into shock."Congratulations"said Hermione trying to break the silence,"yeah congrats" said George and his girlfriend Angelina Johnson.Ron hugged Harry then Ginny "congratulations mate bloody hell I'm going to be an uncle"Fleur hugged Ginny as did Bill."How are use all alright about this?"Mrs Weasley yelled,Arthur nodded "yous are still kids,you are not ready for this Gin" said Mr Weasley,Ginny looked out raged "Just kids?dad we are married and I'm the same age mum was when she had Bill!Harry and I have came to this decision together,we both want this,if use can't except it then you's don't need to be part of it.I'm old enough to make my own decisions!"Mr and Mrs Weasley looked at each other and nodded.They both stood up and walked over to Harry and Ginny,they hugged both of them "congratulations"said Mrs Weasley,she was smiling she knew Ginny was right.

The whole family got talking about the baby and then about Ron and Hermiones wedding,everything was falling into place quite nicely Harry thought.

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