Always Ginny

Ginnys last year at Hogwarts but how will she cope without her beloved Harry?


3. Detention

"Miss Weasley" yelled McGonnagall,"Professor Slughorn is inviting you to a dinner tonight at 8pm"Ginny smiled,"Professor I'm sorry I have detention tonight" McGonnagall looked outraged "Ginerva it's your first day back,who gave you detention?" Ginny sighed then spoke "Professor Potter,Proffessor." McGonnagall sniggered " Ahh okay,no funny business then,I know you's are together",Ginny was flustered,she nodded and then walked of her face as bright as her hair.

Ginny waltzed in to Harry's office,"Thankyou for knocking Miss Weasley" said Harry smiling."Oh shut up"

Harry lifted her up,she flung her legs around his waist.Harry pinned her against a wall and fiercely kissed her.Ginny started to undo his robes and his shirt she pulled at his tie.He was kissing her neck and had started to take of her cloak.Harry walked over to his desk and lay Ginny over it he took her clothes of her slowly and then his own "your perfect" she giggled and pulled him down onto her.

About four hours later Harry and Ginny were fully clothed yet again,"Here take this"Harry thrusted the Marauders Map into Ginny's hand."Thanks Professor"Ginny winked and then waled out of the room.

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